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Warranty First expands to provide greater support to our dealer network

  • Warranty First expands to provide greater support to our dealer network

Find out what Warranty First does for vehicle dealers

Trusted by many motorists and dealers across the country, Warranty First provides not only fantastic warranty policies directly to customers but through a network of used vehicle dealers too. These two sides of our business are constantly being developed, with the best interests of both customers and dealers underpinning the work that we do in all areas.

The appointment of our Chief Operating Officer Charlie Whiston, something we spoke about here, has put healthy expansion at the heart of Warranty First’s vision, and we’re proud to announce the most recent evidence of this: additional telesales support for our dealer network. This new department will ensure that all dealer partners of Warranty First will receive first-class support and service wherever they are in the UK.

What does Warranty First do for vehicle dealers?  

Who says used vehicles can’t come with a warranty similar to the one that came with it when it was brand new? Not us! We partner with used vehicle dealers to provide varying world-class levels of protection with the cars, motorbikes or vans that they sell - and it’s not just their customers that benefit; we increase their income and support their business too.  

Income increased 

By tracking success on a monthly basis, we’ll help you pinpoint the areas in which improvement could be made, and income increased. 

Liability lessened 

We take on the aftercare management throughout the lifetime of customers’ warranty policies; we own it for you!

More time enjoyed

We're available to both our dealers and their customers when they need us; leaving more time available to sell those vehicles. 

How does Warranty First work for dealers?

A warranty wing-person 

When dealers partner with us, they’re connected with their Warranty First Account Manager, who is on hand to guide them through the partnering process and support their business on an ongoing basis. It’s their job to ensure our products and training benefit both the dealer and their customers and truly help them bring warranty to life in their businesses.  

Tailored training 

Talking of training - we’ve got a lot of knowledge to impart! We’re passionate about how our dealers’ businesses perform, so we offer bespoke training to all our Dealer Partners, which adapts and evolves with their objectives. 

It goes beyond merely providing the policies; we offer training to help vehicle dealers embed warranty into their sales processes, in order to increase that income, save them time and lessen that aftercare overhead.

Point of sale material 

Designed to make the purchase of warranty a no-brainer, the point-of-sale material that we support our dealers with can help easily integrate warranty into their conversations with customers. 

Can we help your dealership?

The expansion of our team means that we can offer more support to our existing dealers, and take more under our wing. How hard is your warranty working for you? We’re willing to bet that it could work harder, and we know this business well, so we’re in it together. Accelerate your dealership by working with Warranty First - find out more and partner with us today.