Leading Vehicle Warranty Policies for Car Dealers
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Leading Vehicle Warranty Policies for Car Dealers

Warranty First provides leading warranty products to vehicle dealerships across the country, not only to benefit their customers, but to increase their income, and support their business too. Partnering with us takes the weight of aftercare off your shoulders.

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How hard is your warranty working for you?

Warranty First are committed to driving your income not just with our first class cover levels, but with our ongoing guidance, support and focus bespoke to your business. We have a vested interest in your success at all levels, and in delivering a win-win result for us both.
  • Increase your revenue

    Increase your revenue

    We'll measure your success on a monthly basis, and help pinpoint improvements that could generate more revenue.
  • Lessen your liability

    Lessen your liability

    We own the interaction with your customers throughout the lifetime of their warranty policies; we take responsibility.
  • Enjoy more time

    Enjoy more time

    We're available when you need us; you and your customers are responded to quickly, leaving you to do what you do best.
Animated stats
  • 44 minutes average claim turnaround
  • 2.4 hours average repair labour time
  • 45851 claims opened to date

How we can help your dealership

Not only do we save you time and enhance your reputation through exemplary aftercare, but we can also support your earnings through additional profit. How does that sound? Here's how we do it all:
  • A dedicated Account Manager

    A dedicated Account Manager

    At Warranty First, your Account Manager has the best interests of your business at heart. They'll work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure both you and your customers benefit from having a winning warranty in place.
  • Tailored training

    Tailored training

    We're passionate about the performance of your business, which is why we offer tailored training to our Dealer Partners, which evolves as you do. Our support is designed to help you embed warranty into your sales process to increase your dealership's income.
  • Point of Sale materials to be proud of

    Point of Sale materials to be proud of

    Stand out from the kerbside; we work with you to suggest the best POS for you as a dealer partner, easily capable of prompting purchases at your dealership.
  • A transfer of liability

    A transfer of liability

    Warranty First takes care of the policy, and the associated customer service, from its activation. Your customer is looked after, and thousands of pounds worth of aftercare repairs could be covered.
  • A6 Motors
    Would recommend not only to customers, but dealers looking for a reliable warranty company.
  • Auto Motion Peterborough
    Over the last 3 years, they have helped our business grow with their after-sales products
  • Top City Cars
    Thank you very much for your assistance and for the amazing service you provide to us & our clients.

We know this business well, so we’re in it together

We go above and beyond for our dealers; we mean it when we say it's a partnership. Accelerate your dealership by working with Warranty First - partner with us today.

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