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Warranty First has always lived up to its name by being one step ahead of the warranty industry, and finding new and affordable car warranty solutions.

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Why Choose Warranty First as your Breakdown Warranty Plan Provider


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Our levels of cover are comprehensive, transparent, easy to understand and, should you need to make a claim, the whole process is simple



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Independent Provider of Warranty Plans

Warranty First are an independent provider of breakdown warranty plans servicing various sectors of the motor trade and direct to consumer. Our Independent company structure is of benefit to you as it allows us to be nimble, proactive and decisive when it comes to making quick decisions such as claims pay-outs and getting you back on the road efficiently and quickly.

Self-funded with a Strict Fairness Policy

What's more we are self-funded and our funds and cash flow statements are managed by Chartered and Audited Financial Experts who understand our business and our strict policy of treating customers fairly, which in turn has gained us much recognition and customer loyalty over the years.

Advances Technologies

The technologies and systems we use are, we believe, second to none and provide us with the information our team need to provide an unequalled level of service to our customers. For instance, when we accept you as a breakdown warranty plan holder we will ask for some important information, such as MOT, service history, maintenance schedules etc this is held within our systems and means that we can issue diagnostic forms to your repairing garage and present your claim to our underwriters as quickly as possible so we can get you up and running quickly.

We have a strong policy renewal rate, which is to say many of our customers go on to renew their policies after the initial term has expired.

The Peace of Mind that you need

We understand that you may have just bought your used car and would have considered the expense carefully, perhaps you feel that you may now have a long period of trouble free motoring, we certainly hope this is the case. However, the unexpected can happen and having a used car breakdown warranty plan in place will give you the peace of mind you need.

We provide three main levels of cover and 12, 24 or 36 month cover periods and to make things as easy as possible we offer full payment up front options or a small deposit and 0% interest free over 10 months.

Reasons to Choose Warranty First

We thought it would helpful to summarise a few of the most important reasons why you should choose us as your breakdown warranty provider.

We cover consequential damage

This breakdown warranty plan will cover consequential damage if the failure of a non-covered component causes a covered component to fail. Our liability is limited to the covered component.

We cover wear and tear

Wear and tear for the components listed in your particular cover level are covered up to a maximum of 110,000 miles and or 10 years (80,000 or 7 years for Exclusive policies). After exceeding this mileage and age the wear and tear element of this agreement will no longer be valid. This does not affect anything outside the wear and tear element of the policy and therefore your policy will continue to its full term.

Parts, labour and VAT cover

This breakdown warranty plan will cover the costs for all authorised claims including parts, labour and VAT.

Controlling the quality of repairs

We will only authorise for work to be carried out at a VAT registered repairing garage.

Making sure you are always covered

We will, after a review, automatically renew your breakdown warranty plan under our current terms and will inform you in writing or by email of any changes to our charges or terms and conditions. If you decide you do not wish to renew you should contact us within 14 days after receiving your renewal notification and we will refund any new payments made

Pay by interest free instalments

When you request the pay by instalments option it will be for a period of 12 months with the full cost payable by the following means: one initial payment equal to 2 months and the balance payable over 10 equal monthly instalments.

Cancel if you wish

Unless you have made a claim, you have the right to cancel this breakdown warranty plan within 14 days of the policy start date. If you decide that you do not want your warranty, simply confirm your request in writing or by email to admin@warrantyfirst.co.uk quoting your warranty policy number and your vehicle registration, ensuring that they reach us within 14 days of your warranty start date.

Transfer when you sell

If you want to sell the vehicle you will be able to transfer this agreement to the new owner, provided that all monies including instalments are fully paid.

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