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Introducing Our Not-So-New Chief Operating Officer!

  • Introducing Our Not-So-New Chief Operating Officer!

Welcoming a Familiar Face

When creating leading warranty products, we believe that the value they provide dealers and customers alike hinges on a strong team that are genuinely passionate about what they do - and that takes fantastic leadership to achieve. It was with this in mind that Charlie Whiston, Warranty First’s new Chief Operating Officer, was recently appointed, though he’s no stranger to the business; he’s been part of the family for 4 years!   

Having joined Warranty First in 2019 as Sales Director, it was clear from the off that Charlie truly embraced our mission, expanding sales operations to a point where Warranty First’s presence was nationwide. Slowed only by a number of lockdowns, Charlie is credited with increasing our Field Sales Division, with coverage across all of the UK. This has led to our existing B2C Telesales operation quadrupling in size; we have this year also opened an additional Telesales arm focussing on B2B. 

Of this element of the business, Charlie says “Our combined Sales Division is equipped to dynamically service and support dealers and policyholders nationwide, whether they simply want a warranty to cover a new-to-them motorbike, all the way through to writing and driving bespoke sales processes and training for a car supermarket sales team. 

We have the infrastructure to deliver great cover and to turn warranty into a high-performing profit centre anywhere in the UK.”

Over the past few months, Charlie’s role has transitioned into Chief Operating Officer, which now sees him heading up the talented management team at Warranty First. His responsibilities include making sure that the team has exactly what they need to deliver exceptional results for our customers week in week out. This could be in the form of new products (we always have a few up our sleeve) or the constant focus on the business’ performance. Keeping up with the pace of rapid expansion without affecting efficiencies is top of the priority list right now.

As Charlie gets to grips with his new role, it’s clear that both staff and customer satisfaction continues to flourish, with an exciting few months ahead for every single team member as they work together to change the game in warranty. 

“I’m very proud of the culture we’ve created here and the way that every department head is constantly refining and instilling change within their teams.” Charlie says. “Having finished a significant expansion of staff throughout the business over the last twelve months, we’re seeing some amazing results and making a real difference to many dealers and policyholders with great products and service.  

“Amazing teams deliver amazing results and I’m delighted to be leading Team Warranty First, a team who does just that.”

Congratulations to our Chief Operating Officer, Charlie; we’re so excited for what’s next on the Warranty First journey.