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Important notice regarding COVID-19 and how to contact us
Important notice regarding COVID-19 and how to contact us
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COVID-19 update

We want to reassure you we're doing everything we can to support the prevention of Coronavirus spreading across the UK. Because of this and in light of lockdown measures our offices are very much open for business but running with less staff at a time.

Wherever possible please use our online services to manage your policy and initiate a claim. To do this go to Policyholder Login or email us at We appreciate your understanding at this challenging time. All queries will be dealt with and we thank you in advance for your patience whilst the nation fights back.

Dealer Partners, please contact your Account Managers for all matters at this time.

Warranty Acceptance

Please ensure you read the acceptance conditions carefully as they form part of our warranty policy terms and conditions, we are always happy to help if you have any questions.

The following terms and conditions apply to all Warranty First breakdown warranty plans.

  • 1. We may, after a review, invite you to renew your breakdown warranty plan for the same vehicle under our current terms and will inform you in writing or by email of the changes that will apply prior to your current warranty expiry date. If you decide you do not wish to renew or if we have not heard from you, your current warranty plan will expire in accordance with the conditions set out when you originally took out the warranty.
  • 2. Where a policy is agreed in a renewal phone call, Warranty First will issue the warranty certificate and policy booklet at renewal, it is your responsibility to review these documents and ensure you raise any questions or issues within 14 days of renewal.
  • 3. We will require you post or send an email with a photo of your latest service document and odometer (mileage). This is required within 5 days of you accepting the new policy, failure to supply this information within the timeframe may result in the policy being cancelled. Please let us know if you need assistance in this regard.
Charges and Payments
  • 4. You agree to authorise Warranty First to take the amounts discussed at the point of sale, by debit/credit card as and when due. We will advise you of any changes to the amounts agreed after giving you prior written notice. We do not keep your payment details within Warranty First computer systems, we process your payments via a secure outsourced payment agency. This authority will remain in force until you cancel it or until expiry.
  • 5. When paying for your policy in monthly instalments, the full balance due is required within 12 months of the policy start date. Your vehicle is covered at the point your deposit is taken, unless otherwise discussed and confirmed. The remaining 11 monthly payments will then be taken in the subsequent months.
  • 6. Each monthly payment will be deducted automatically from the debit/credit card provided by yourself and on the date agreed with your sales agent at the time of sale. It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment card details are up to date to ensure payments can be taken as agreed.
  • 7. Any overdue monthly payments must be paid within 14 days of the due date. Missed payments may result in the cancellation of your policy and we may use the balance of any monies which may otherwise be due to you to settle our costs.
  • 8. In the unfortunate event that a cancellation takes place due to non-payment, any previous payments made will not be refunded.
  • 9. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to vary the amount of your monthly payment or the cost of your warranty at any time by giving you 30 days’ notice in writing.
  • 10. When we agree a payment schedule and a payment is declined by your bank, we will attempt to take the payment again unless we receive contact from you and agree otherwise.
  • 11. Unless you have made a claim, you have the right to cancel this breakdown warranty plan within 14 days of the policy start date. If you decide that you do not want your breakdown warranty plan, simply confirm your request in writing or by email to quoting your warranty policy number and your vehicle registration, ensuring that they reach us within 14 days of your warranty start date.
  • 12. The consequences will be as follows: provided you have not requested we meet any repair cost, your warranty will be cancelled and your payments refunded in full without any deduction, in circumstances where you have cancelled your breakdown warranty plan up to 14 days after the breakdown warranty plan start date and you have requested that we meet a repair cost your warranty will be cancelled and your payments refunded after deducting a proportion of your payments calculated on a daily basis up to the date of cancellation.
  • 13. If at any time after the first 30 days of the breakdown warranty plan start date, you decide that you do not want your breakdown warranty plan, simply confirm your request in writing or by email to quoting your warranty policy number and your vehicle registration number. Your warranty will be cancelled from the date we receive your request, there will be no refund of any payments.
  • 14. Cancellation by you is in full and final settlement of any obligations Warranty First may have towards you under the terms of your breakdown warranty plan.

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