Making a claim with Warranty First
Claims made simple

Making a claim with Warranty First

There's no need to panic when something goes wrong with your vehicle; we're here to help. When it's time to make a claim on your warranty, just follow our straightforward claims process, and we’ll guide you from there.

Start a claim

How to claim with us

An unexpected fault on your vehicle isn't exactly ideal, but it need not be hugely stressful or time-consuming for you. Simply follow the steps below, and get closer to getting things sorted. Don't forget, we're always here to help when you need us.
  • Step 1

    Get in touch with us

    Give us all the information we need to get started on processing your claim online, over the phone, or in an email, so that we can get things moving.
  • Step 2

    Get booked in

    Once we have confirmed whether the fault will be considered, we'll ask you to visit any VAT registered garage to diagnose the issue, and provide an estimate for the repairs.
  • Step 3

    Carry on motoring

    Providing that we're happy with the estimate, we'll approve the repair and cover you for the cost, as per the terms of your warranty plan. Then it's time to get back on the road!

Things we might need from you

To ensure your claim goes as smoothly as possible, there are a few things we may need from you. They include:
  • Proof of ownership

    Proof of ownership

    We might need to see your V5 certificate.
  • Invoices from previous repairs

    Invoices from previous repairs

    We may ask for garage repair invoices from any previous work that has been done on your vehicle.
  • Service history

    Service history

    Copies of your service documents from a VAT registered garage may be required.
  • All the details

    All the details

    We'll need as much information as possible about your fault and the circumstances surrounding it, so make a note of anything relevant.

It's important that you...

...keep safe when something goes wrong

We ask that you start your claim as soon as you notice a fault and, most importantly, don't drive your vehicle until you're heading to get it repaired. This could worsen the damage, and possibly make your claim invalid; it could also endanger you, any passengers, and those around you if the fault affects the vehicle's handling or overall safety. not book your repair until we give the go-ahead

It's important that you do not get the vehicle repaired until we have authorised you to do so. Vehicle repairs done without our consent will invalidate your claim - it's not worth it!

Making a claim with Warranty First
  • £332
    Claimed for a Rectifier assembly.
    Suzuki GSX-F650
  • £403
    Claimed for a DPF Regeneration.
    Mercedes M Class
  • £604
    Claimed for a Alternator.
    Vauxhall Combo
  • £636
    Claimed for a Cooling Fans.
    Ford Tourneo
  • £3462
    Claimed for a Engine Replacement.
    Vauxhall Vivaro
  • £1659
    Claimed for a Turbocharger.
    Volkswagen Transporter
  • £779
    Claimed for a Radiator.
    Ducati Panigale R
  • £128
    Claimed for a Timing chain.
    Honda CBR 125
  • £132
    Claimed for a Front wheel bearing.
    Kawasaki ZZ_R1400
  • £435
    Claimed for a Brake Caliper.
    Nissan Qashqai
Claims stats
  • 84 minutes average claim turnaround
  • 2.4 hours average repair labour time
  • 45851 claims opened to date

We work with repairing garages

To make the claims process as smooth as possible, we ask that repairing garages that we are working with fill out our assessment form by clicking the button below.