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Volvos are considered luxury cars because of their high-grade materials, quality designs, and great features. They’re also known to be safe due to their high-tech safety systems making them a popular car for many. Although Volvos are incredibly reliable, it’s important they’re safeguarded against unexpected repairs after the standard manufacturer’s warranty has ended. That’s where we can help. At Warranty First, we provide an extended warranty for Volvos to ensure our customers have peace of mind on their journeys.

What is an extended car warranty?

After your manufacturer's warranty has worn off, your car is no longer covered against unexpected failures. You, therefore, need an extended car warranty that can protect a range of elements to reduce any unexpected costs if your car needs repairs.

What does our Volvo extended warranty cover?

Our extended car warranty for Volvos covers a range of essential components, including:

· Engine and drive train: Our extended warranty plans protect your Volvo against transmission failures, drive train malfunctions, and engine issues. This ensures a reliable driving experience.

· Multi-media components: We offer a capped contribution towards multi-media components, ensuring they are well-maintained for your driving pleasure. The level of coverage you choose determines the extent of this protection.

· Electrics: With our Volvo used car warranty, you can drive with confidence, knowing that any electrical issues will be addressed, ensuring your car's systems function flawlessly.

With our extended warranty plans, you can confidently hit the road in your Volvo knowing all crucial components are covered.

How much does our Volvo extended car warranty cost?

We offer a range of warranty plans for your Volvo so that you can continue driving in confidence even after the manufacturer’s standard warranty has ended. Our coverage levels mean no matter your budget or needs, you can find a plan that suits you.

· Ignition plan: Starting at £30 per month, our Ignition warranty plan provides coverage on your engine, gearbox, and clutch.

· Dynamic plan: Starting at £30 per month, the Dynamic warranty plan covers the engine, gearbox, clutch, and major components like the drive train, steering, brakes, and much more.

· Premier plan: Starting at £35 per month, the Premier plan is our most popular plan. It covers all in the Dynamic plan plus camshaft drive belts, suspension, ECUs and computers, and more.

· Exclusive plan: Starting at £45 per month, this ultimate level of protection covers nearly all mechanical and electrical components.

Select the ideal warranty plan that suits your needs and experience worry-free driving. For more information on each plan, visit our car warranties page. Please be aware that the Volvo extended warranty is subject to full terms and conditions. If you wish to obtain these terms and conditions, feel free to request them when taking out cover with Warranty First.

How do I purchase an extended warranty for my Volvo?

At Warranty First, we believe in a flexible approach to purchasing Volvo extended warranty plans to suit the needs of our customers. Whether you want to speak to an expert directly to guide you through the process, or you want to browse the many plans we have available online and request a quote, we have the options available for you.

Why choose Warranty First?

With extensive experience in providing extended warranties for Volvos, Warranty First understands your budget and car needs perfectly. Transparency is our hallmark, setting us apart from others. Our clear terms and conditions give you complete confidence in the coverage you receive. We recognise that each Volvo owner has unique requirements, so we offer flexible options to suit everyone.

Contact Warranty First today to explore the perfect car warranty for your vehicle once the manufacturer's standard warranty has ended.

Our best quote is guaranteed

Our best quote is guaranteed

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