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Suzuki warranties

What is an extended warranty?

Renowned for reliability, Suzuki is a Japanese car manufacturer with popularity that has only increased in recent years as consumers seek value for money. Models such as the Swift, Ignis and S-Cross have put it on the affordable motor map, and all of its offerings are cars you want to keep hold of. That’s why so many Suzuki owners opt to further protect their car once Suzuki’s 3 year warranty expires with an extended warranty plan like the ones we offer. 

Our comprehensive coverage plans

Unexpected repairs can really put a damper on things - they’re inconvenient, costly, and worrisome. With an extended warranty, this weight is somewhat lifted, allowing you to breathe easy when something surprising happens under the bonnet (and elsewhere in your Suzuki, for that matter). 

  • Engine and drivetrain - The heart of your vehicle is looked after under a Warranty First extended warranty; this includes the engine, transmission, turbocharger and timing gears, which could otherwise ring alarm bells if something went wrong with them. 
  • Multimedia components - Staying connected and entertained is made possible by the technology in our cars, so if it fails, it can be pretty frustrating. With a capped contribution to repair costs under your extended warranty can get it up and running again all the faster. 
  • Electrical systems - With modern cars come modern electrical systems, and these can sometimes go wrong when you least expect it. If it does, don’t fear; your Warranty First policy covers electrical failures. 

Other potential failure points covered range from brakes and gearboxes to the clutch, steering mechanisms, fuel systems, and the ignition within your Suzuki.

Our Suzuki extended warranty plans cost

The level of protection available for your Suzuki is subject to its age and mileage. These are the current cover options available at Warranty First: 

  • Ignition cover - Looking for good protection at a good price? Ignition is the plan for you. Starting at just £30 a month, it covers your Suzuki’s essential parts, which includes the engine, gearbox, and clutch.
  • Dynamic cover - Also starting at £30 a month is the Dynamic plan, which covers the main components that we mentioned above, plus other vitals such as your Suzuki’s drive train, steering, brakes, and more. 
  • Premier cover - Fancy joining many other Warranty First customers enjoying extended warranty? By taking out Premier cover, you’re doing just that - it’s our most popular option! Cover starts at £35 a month and includes everything that the Ignition and Dynamic plans do, plus components such as camshaft drive belts, ECU’s, suspension, and more.
  • Exclusive cover - For our most thorough coverage, it has to be the Exclusive - this encompasses nearly all mechanical and electrical parts! This cover starts at £45 a month, and provides ultimate peace of mind in the face of an unexpected failure. 
  • Cost-effective warranty plans are what we do best here at Warranty First, achieving this through comprehensive plans, competitive prices, and customer service that exceeds your expectations. Full terms and conditions on all our warranty policies are available upon request.  

How to purchase an extended warranty with Warranty First

How do you prefer to do things - online, or over the phone with an advisor? At Warranty First, the choice is yours; get set up in just a few clicks, or be guided through the process by the experts. We’re on hand to answer any questions you have, so that your extended warranty process is as smooth as possible. You can start by getting a quote for your Suzuki today! 

Why choose Warranty First?

Warranty First are proud to provide warranty protection in a way that’s honest, transparent, and excellent value. For customers up and down the UK, we’ve helped ease the pain of an unexpected repair, contributing to the cost, and helping to organise the logistics, so that they can continue motoring sooner rather than later.

Our best quote is guaranteed

Our best quote is guaranteed

With a price promise that we stand by, you can be assured that we’ll match a like-for-like quote so that you get the best value and the best service.