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As a Skoda owner, you've come to appreciate the remarkable performance, reliability, and style that define your vehicle. To ensure that your beloved car remains in great condition for years to come, Warranty First offers extended warranty for Skoda owners. With this exceptional warranty, you can embark on your journeys with peace of mind, knowing that your car is safeguarded against unexpected setbacks.

What is an extended warranty?

Simply put, an extended warranty is an additional layer of protection available after the manufacturer's warranty has ended, offering you further coverage for unforeseen failures that may occur. By opting for the extended warranty by Warranty First, you can experience the joy of driving without the nagging worry of potential financial burdens arising from unexpected repairs.

What does our Skoda extended warranty cover?

Our extended warranty for used Skoda vehicles takes comprehensive care of various components and systems that are important to your vehicle's performance and your driving experience. Here's a glimpse into the areas covered:

Engine and drive train

The engine and drive train lie at the very heart and soul of your Skoda. With our extended warranty, these vital components are protected from mechanical failures, sparing you from costly repairs and preserving the core strength of your vehicle.

Multimedia components coverage

Multimedia components play a pivotal role in enhancing your driving pleasure. Our extended warranty covers the failure of these components up to a capped amount.


The electrical system of your Skoda powers a range of essential features, from lighting to critical electronic controls. By opting for our extended warranty, you can rest assured that many electrical failures are covered, minimising any inconvenience caused by electrical failures and keeping your driving experience hassle-free.

Other areas of coverage

Warranty First takes pride in offering comprehensive extended warranty plans for Skoda cars. Our plans go beyond the basics, encompassing additional areas such as cooling systems, transmission, steering, brakes, and more. By comparing our plans, you can explore the tailored coverage details that align perfectly with the unique needs of your Skoda model.

How much does Skoda extended warranty cost?

The cost of a Skoda extended warranty varies based on factors such as your Skoda model, its age, and mileage. At Warranty First, we understand the importance of flexibility and affordability. That's why we provide a range of pricing options to suit your budget and requirements.

● Ignition: Starting from just £30 a month, our Basic warranty plan offers affordable coverage for essential components such as the engine, gearbox, and clutch, providing you with peace of mind without straining your finances.

● Dynamic: If you seek comprehensive coverage that extends beyond the essentials, our Comprehensive warranty plan is the perfect choice. Starting at £30 a month, it safeguards not only the engine, gearbox, and clutch but also major components like the drive train, steering, brakes, and more.

● Premier: Our most sought-after plan, the Premium warranty, begins at £35 a month and offers unmatched peace of mind. It encompasses everything covered by the Ignition and Dynamic plans, while also protecting critical parts like camshaft drive belts, suspension, ECUs and computers, and more.

● Exclusive: For exceptional coverage that leaves no stone unturned across nearly all mechanical and electrical components, our Exclusive warranty plan stands as the epitome of comprehensive protection. Starting at £45 a month, it ensures your vehicle runs smoothly and flawlessly.

If you’re looking for Skoda extended warranty from Warranty First, it’s important to note that there are full terms and conditions that apply and are available upon request.

How to purchase extended warranty from Warranty First

Purchasing an extended warranty for your Skoda is a hassle-free process with Warranty First. We offer flexible options, including the convenience of online purchase, where you can easily view and compare all our plans at your leisure. Alternatively, our friendly team members are just a call away, ready to guide you through the selection process and assist you in securing the best extended warranty coverage for your Skoda. Our commitment is to provide you with the smoothest and most straightforward route to purchasing a Skoda Extended Warranty.

Why choose Warranty First?

At Warranty First, we stand apart as a trusted provider of extended warranties for Skoda cars, catering to the unique needs of Skoda enthusiasts like you. Here's why we are the ideal choice for safeguarding your prized vehicle:

● Coverage of multiple claims

● Years of experience

● Friendly staff

● Wear and tear coverage

● Consequential damage

● A huge choice of garages

With our wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction, Warranty First emerges as the unrivalled choice for your used Skoda extended warranty. Select us today and embark on your driving adventures with unmatched confidence, knowing that we have your back covered at every turn.

Our best quote is guaranteed

Our best quote is guaranteed

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