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By 1903, Peugeot’s lion badge was seen on half of all French cars, and today it ranks as Europe’s second-largest car brand with four European Car of the Year awards. Known for practicality and affordability, Peugeot vehicles are ideal for daily use. As a Peugeot owner, safeguard your vehicle with an extended car warranty from Warranty First for complete peace of mind.

What is an extended warranty?

An extended car warranty supplements the standard warranty that comes with buying a new car. It provides you with additional coverage for repairs and failures and comes with a range of coverage options. They’re perfect for ensuring you have peace of mind when on the road.

Extended warranties are important as they provide you with financial protection if something fails whilst you’re out and about. They also increase the resale value of your car due to the lasting protection.

What’s covered by our Peugeot extended warranty?

When it comes to protecting your Peugeot, an extended car warranty offers a strong shield, ensuring you enjoy every drive without the worry of unexpected repair bills. Here's a closer look at what's covered by our Peugeot extended warranty:

· Engine and Drive Train: Our warranty plan provides comprehensive protection for your Peugeot’s powertrain. This includes coverage for engine failures, transmission breakdowns, and drive train malfunctions. With these critical components secured, you can hit the road with confidence.

· Multi-Media Components: Our warranty covers repairs related to these components, ensuring your multimedia systems remain in top-notch condition. Say goodbye to concerns about high-tech malfunctions.

· Electronics: Electrical failures in vehicles can be intricate and costly to resolve. Our Peugeot used car warranty has you covered with comprehensive protection for a wide range of electrical components.

But that's not all - we go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle is well-protected. Our warranty also extends to a diverse range of potential failures, such as brakes, steering, gearboxes, fuel systems, clutches, and more. With our Peugeot extended warranty plans, you have the flexibility to choose the coverage that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Peugeot extended warranty plans by Warranty First

At Warranty First, we take pride in our commitment to providing you with extended warranty plans for your Peugeot that not only offer exceptional value, but that also deliver the ultimate peace of mind. Our plans are meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs and budget, ensuring that you're covered precisely when it matters most.

Ignition Plan

· Starting from just £30 a month.

· Covers the fundamental components: engine, gearbox, and clutch.

· This affordable option provides vital protection, keeping your vehicle's heart and soul safeguarded.

Dynamic Plan

· Also starting from £30 a month.

· Boasts extensive coverage, including the engine, gearbox, clutch, drive train, steering, and brakes.

·  With this plan, you enjoy comprehensive protection across a wide spectrum of critical systems, ensuring a worry-free driving experience.

Premier Plan

· Beginning at £35 a month, it's our most popular plan.

· Combines the benefits of the Ignition and Dynamic plans.

· Expands coverage to include components like camshaft drive belts, suspension, ECUs, computers, and more, offering a holistic shield for your vehicle.

Exclusive Plan

· Starting at £45 a month, this plan offers unmatched protection.

· Encompasses nearly all mechanical and electrical components, leaving no stone unturned.

· With the Exclusive Plan, you can drive with the ultimate confidence in your vehicle's well-being.

Our warranty plans for Peugeot vehicles are designed to cover a wide range of services, ensuring you can enjoy your vehicle with complete confidence. It's important to note that we have full terms and conditions for our extended warranties that are available upon request. So, when you choose Warranty First, you're not just choosing protection; you're choosing confidence and security on every journey.

How to purchase an extended warranty

At Warranty First, we offer flexible ways that you can purchase an extended warranty for your Peugeot. Browse at your leisure online comparing all the plans we have available, or alternatively give us a call. Our friendly staff are available to walk you through the entire process, helping you choose the best plan for you and answering any questions you may have.

Why choose Warranty First?

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, Warranty First stands as a trusted choice. Our dedication lies in ensuring our customers receive nothing but the finest service. We offer comprehensive coverage, including protection for multiple claims, wear and tear, and consequential damage. Additionally, we provide you with the flexibility to select from a broad network of garages. With our industry knowledge, we make the ideal partner for all your extended warranty requirements.

Our best quote is guaranteed

Our best quote is guaranteed

With a price promise that we stand by, you can be assured that we’ll match a like-for-like quote so that you get the best value and the best service.