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As a Japanese brand with a history spanning over 100 years, Mitsubishi are cemented as part of UK motoring, with the Outlander, Eclipse and Lancer some of its most popular models. This particular manufacturer is known for producing capable, rugged cars with reliability at their heart - but even the most reliable car can go wrong when you least expect it. For the first 5 years of its life, Mitsubishi picked up the bill for qualifying faults - but what happens beyond that time period? That’s where an extended warranty comes in, providing a financial safety net for unexpected failures within your Mitsubishi. 

What does Mitsubishi extended warranty cover?

You’ll no doubt be keen to know what parts of your Mitsubishi are covered by an extended warranty, and we’re pleased to tell you that it’s a fair few of them! Our Mitsubishi extended warranties cover a range of essential components, including: 

Drivetrain and engine

Our extended warranty policies protect your Mitsubishi in the event of a transmission malfunction, drivetrain failures, and a variety of engine problems. This is the beating heart of your car - and we’re here to look after it. 

Multimedia components

With a capped contribution towards multimedia components within your Mitsubishi, we’ll get your connected again in no time when something goes wrong with your infotainment. Take a look at our varying levels of cover for contribution details. 

Electrical systems 

Electrical issues within our cars can test our patience, and the capacity of our wallets, so how about we cover the electrical systems within your car too? We cover this so that you know, at the first sign of an electrical problem, chances are Warranty First can swoop in and save the day. 

With a Warranty First plan in place, you can motor around in confidence, safe in the knowledge that your Mitsubishi’s vital parts are protected. 

How much does our Mitsubishi extended car warranty cost?

There’s a Warranty First plan for Mitsubishi’s of any age or mileage, whether you’re fresh out of the manufacturer’s cover, or looking to protect a new-to-you car that you’ve just got your hands on. For budgets large and small, here are our Warranty First coverage options: 

· Ignition plan: This starting level of cover begins at £30 per month, with your Mitsubishi’s engine, gearbox, and clutch all covered by the plan. 

· Dynamic plan: Also starting at £30 per month, the Dynamic coverage includes the engine, gearbox, clutch, and other vital components like the steering, brakes and drivetrain. 

· Premier plan: This is our most popular plan! It starts off at £35 per month, covering everything we mentioned in our Dynamic plan, plus ECUs, camshaft drive belts, suspension, and more.

· Exclusive plan: Starting at £45 per month, this is the ultimate coverage, which includes nearly all mechanical and electrical components.

It’s important to us that our plans can flex to your needs - this way, your day-to-day driving remains worry-free. For further information about the coverage offered on each plan, visit our car warranties page. The Mitsubishi extended warranty is subject to full terms and conditions; if you wish to obtain these terms and conditions, you are welcome to request them when you take out cover with Warranty First.

How do I purchase an extended warranty for my Mitsubishi?

If you weren’t aware by now, we’re so proud to offer extended warranties that suit a range of vehicles - and budgets. This flexibility also extends to how you purchase and set up your warranty. You have the option to get the ball rolling online in just a few clicks, or give our friendly team a call, where they’ll be able to guide you through the process in a way that ensures you know everything that you need to. 

Why choose Warranty First?

We make it our business to protect the Mitsubishis of drivers up and down the UK, with flexible plans and a customer service team that knows our coverage inside and out. We recognise that each of our customers, and their cars, needs something different from their extended warranty, and it’s our pleasure to meet those needs, often exceeding expectations at the same time. 

Contact us at Warranty First today to explore the perfect car warranty for your Mitsubishi once the original warranty has come to an end.

Our best quote is guaranteed

Our best quote is guaranteed

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