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Mini began as a range of small cars made in Britain and was extremely popular in the 1960s, especially the Mini One which is responsible for the iconic style that you still see today. Just like the red phone box, Mini has become a symbol of Great Britain and is one of the most influential cars of the 20th century. As a Mini owner, you want to make sure your iconic vehicle is protected against unexpected failures, that’s where we come in. We provide comprehensive Mini extended warranty coverage after your standard manufacturer’s warranty has ended giving you peace of mind on the road.

What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty is a service contract offered to supplement the standard warranty that usually comes with buying a car. It provides additional coverage for repairs and maintenance and comes in a range of coverage options. They offer peace of mind to vehicle owners by protecting them against costly repairs that may arise as their vehicles age.

Why are extended warranties important?

Extended car warranties are important for providing financial protection and peace of mind to vehicle owners. They cover costly repairs and even enhance resale value. As cars age, these warranties become increasingly valuable as they ensure car owners can manage unexpected failures.

What’s covered by our Mini extended warranty?

A Mini extended car warranty covers a wide range of components to ensure comprehensive protection for owners. This coverage includes:

· Engine and drive train. Our warranty plan protects critical components of your Mini’s powertrain. This includes coverage for engine failures, transmission breakdowns, and drive train malfunctions.

· Multi-media components. We understand the importance of modern technology in today’s vehicles. That’s why we offer repairs related to the multi-media components in your Mini. While coverage levels may vary, we offer substantial protection for your infotainment systems, navigation units, and audio systems, so you can enjoy your Mini’s cutting-edge features with confidence.

· Electronics. Electrical failures in vehicles can be intricate and costly to resolve. With our Mini used car warranty, you can drive with peace of mind knowing we provide comprehensive coverage for a wide range of electrical components. This coverage extends to essential systems like the starter, alternator, power windows, and more.

Alongside the above, we also provide coverage for a wide range of other potential failures such as brakes, steering, gearboxes, fuel systems, clutch, and more. Find more information on our Mini extended warranty plans and choose the one that aligns with your needs.

Mini extended warranty plans by Warranty First

At Warranty First, we offer a range of warranty plans created to help give you peace of mind on the road. Whether you’re looking for basic or comprehensive protection, we can help with our available plans.

Ignition Plan

Starting at just £30 a month, our Ignition Plan is the perfect choice for cost-conscious Mini owners. This plan provides essential protection, covering key components like the engine, gearbox, and clutch. It ensures that the heart of your vehicle is safeguarded without putting a strain on your budget.

Dynamic Plan

For those seeking comprehensive coverage, our Dynamic Plan, also starting from £30 a month, is the ideal option. This plan goes above and beyond the basics, offering protection for critical components including the engine, gearbox, clutch, drive train, steering, and brakes. With the Dynamic Plan, your Mini receives thorough care on the road.

Premier Plan

Our Premier Plan, starting at £35 a month, stands as our most popular choice. It combines the benefits of the Ignition and Dynamic plans, delivering coverage for the engine, gearbox, clutch, drive train, steering, brakes, and more. Additionally, it includes protection for camshaft drive belts, suspension, ECUs, computers, and other vital components. The Premier Plan provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring your peace of mind while driving.

Exclusive Plan

For those who want unparalleled protection, our Exclusive Plan, starting at just £45 a month, is the ultimate choice. This comprehensive plan covers nearly all mechanical and electrical components in your Mini. With the Exclusive Plan, you can drive with the utmost confidence, knowing that every aspect of your vehicle's well-being is guaranteed.

Our extended warranty covers many services to ensure peace of mind. However, it’s important to note that full terms and conditions apply. You can request these terms and conditions by giving us a call.

How do I purchase an extended warranty?

Purchasing an extended warranty for your Mini is a straightforward process with Warranty First. You can secure your coverage in two ways:

· Visit our website which allows you to explore coverage options at your own leisure, obtain a quote, and securely complete your purchase online.

·  If you prefer a personalised service, our experienced team are available on the phone to help you choose the right extended warranty plan for your needs and answer any questions you have.

Whether online or with our knowledgeable team, we make it simple and flexible to get an extended warranty on your Mini.

Why choose Warranty First?

At Warranty First, we offer exceptional customer service. We offer a huge range of coverage plans for multiple claims, wear and tear, and consequential damage. We also have multiple garages for you to choose from. We have the knowledge and experience you need to help you choose the right extended warranty for your Mini.

Our best quote is guaranteed

Our best quote is guaranteed

With a price promise that we stand by, you can be assured that we’ll match a like-for-like quote so that you get the best value and the best service.