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Known for their rugged capabilities, Jeep models have their roots in the American military - which makes them pretty much ready for anything. They’re not immune to malfunctions though, and unexpected failures such as these can bring your mood right down. This is why we offer extended warranty plans for Jeeps that flex to the age of the car, and the budget you’re working with. 

What is an extended warranty?

Coming into play once the original manufacturer's warranty period has ended, an extended warranty policy covers elements of your vehicle when they unexpectedly fail. As any vehicle owner will know, the inconvenience and expense of car repairs never happens at a good time, so an extended warranty can relieve the stress and worry from this kind of occurrence. 

Why are extended warranties important?

Cars can inevitably go wrong, and an extended warranty remains important if you want to avoid time-consuming car repairs, as well as costly bills to pay for the privilege. Think of an extended warranty as a safety net, providing invaluable cover for a modest monthly cost which, compared with the high costs of repairs these days, is a small price to pay.

What’s covered by our Jeep’s extended warranty?

An extended warranty for your Jeep can protect you and your wallet from the cost and aggravation of unexpected failures. At Warranty First, we offer a range of coverage options designed to combat this stress. The areas within your Jeep that we cover include:

Engine and drivetrain

We protect your Jeep at its very heart, safeguarding vital parts such as the engine, transmission, turbocharger, and timing gears.


Our cars are full of complex electrical systems, so it's no surprise that they go wrong from time to time. Electrical repairs can be costly, but without extended warranty plans, you’re protected from the cost. 


Our driving experience is increasingly reliant on multimedia components, from the sat nav to the audio system. You’ll find that our extended warranty plans for Jeeps contribute towards the failure of these systems, so you can remain connected and entertained on the move. 

At Warranty First, we’re proud that our Jeep extended warranty plans are comprehensive in their protection against the concern of a malfunction under the bonnet - or anywhere else on the car for that matter. It’s our mission to provide you with a stress-free driving experience, because life is full of worries and responsibilities, so ticking off unexpected car repair costs is the least we can do. 

You can take a look at our diverse range of plans to find the one that perfectly aligns with your car, and your budget. 

Jeep extended warranty plans at Warranty First

We’ve worked hard to develop plans that provide exceptional cover at a price point that’s manageable, which means we’re able to offer Warranty First peace of mind at several different levels. Choose from the following plans depending on your needs:  


· Available from £30 a month.

· Ignition covers essential parts such as engine, gearbox, and clutch

· An affordable extended warranty plan for essential peace of mind.


· Available from £30 a month.

· Dynamic cover provides coverage that includes the engine, gearbox, clutch, drivetrain, steering, and even the brakes.

· More comprehensive cover for a wide range of important systems.


· Premier cover is available from £35 a month - it’s our most popular option!

· Enjoy the benefits of Ignition and Dynamic cover

· Plus there’s added coverage for camshaft drive belts, suspension, ECUs, computers, and more.


· Available from £45 a month.

· Ultimate protection for your Jeep 

· Exclusive cover encompasses nearly all electrical and mechanical components.

· Unrivalled confidence in the provisions in place if your vehicle goes wrong.

Extended car warranty for your Jeep is designed to provide that all-important peace of mind. The full terms and conditions of our extended warranty is available on request. 

How to purchase an extended warranty for your Jeep

We believe that an extended warranty plan should fit your needs - there’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to car protection. Our range of plans allows you to select the level of cover you need, and follow the process through to a fully covered vehicle if you prefer to make your purchases online. However, our team is more than happy to talk you through the process and get you set up over the phone, so that you can get your Jeep protected in a way that suits you.  

Why choose Warranty First?

Your vehicle deserves outstanding protection, and you deserve hassle-free motoring; here at Warranty First, we’re so happy to provide this to motorists up and down the country as a trusted extended warranty provider. Our commitment to you enables us to cover the cost of unexpected repairs with minimal impact on you, offering coverage of multiple claims, wear and tear, and consequential damage.

Our best quote is guaranteed

Our best quote is guaranteed

With a price promise that we stand by, you can be assured that we’ll match a like-for-like quote so that you get the best value and the best service.