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Aston Martin warranty

Synonymous with the style, luxury and performance demanded by none other than James Bond, Aston Martin is a British manufacturer that has been producing classics since 1913. As an Aston Martin owner, you’ll no doubt be keen to protect your vehicle with an extended car warranty from Warranty First. 

What is an extended warranty?

Much like the manufacturer warranty that you receive when your car is new, an extended warranty provides coverage for those unexpected failures that can be both inconvenient and costly. With a range of coverage options, Warranty First can take over from your car’s original cover when it ends, ensuring you keep that peace of mind while you’re out and about. 

The financial protection that extended warranties provide you is invaluable if something fails on your Aston Martin - both for your bank account, and your stress levels! Without the worry of a breakdown or fault with your car, you can make the most of enjoying the drive.

What’s covered by our Aston Martin extended warranty?

Unexpected repair bills can soon rack up if something goes wrong on your Aston Martin, regardless of whether it’s under the bonnet, in the cabin, or under the car itself. Here’s what's covered by our extended warranties:

· Engine and drivetrain: Our warranty plans provide powertrain protection for your Aston Martin. This includes coverage for engine breakdowns, transmission failures, and drive train malfunctions. These are the beating heart of your car; they’re critical to protect so that you can drive worry-free. 

· Multimedia components: We rely on the multimedia aspects of our cars to keep us connected and entertained on the road - and an Aston Martin is no different. Our warranty cover extends to a capped contribution to repairs related to the multimedia systems in your car, ensuring that expense and inconvenience is avoided. 

· Electronics: You’d be surprised at how much of your car relies on electronics - and you definitely find out about it when something goes wrong. Warranty First includes electrical cover in our extended warranty policies, covering a range of electrical components within your Aston Martin.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what our warranties can cover. Parts and systems such as steering, brakes, transmission, fuel and more are also included in several of our plans, with flexible policies that fit your motoring. 

Aston Martin extended warranty plans by Warranty First

Providing unmatched peace of mind for Aston Martin drivers across the UK is something we’re so proud to do here at Warranty First, with a commitment to fantastic value, top-notch customer service, and plans to suit everyone. Here are the options available for protecting your car: 

Ignition Plan

· Starts from just £30 a month.

· Covers the critical components such as the engine, clutch, and gearbox.

· This affordable plan offers protection for the fundamentals, keeping the important parts of your Aston Martin covered. 

Dynamic Plan

· Also starts from £30 a month.

· This wider coverage extends to the drive train, brakes, and steering as well as the engine, gearbox and clutch.

·  As a comprehensive plan, your driving experience is enhanced with the knowledge that a wide range of faults and failures are covered. 

Premier Plan

· Our Premier plan starts at £35 a month - it's our most popular cover!

· The Premier plan includes the benefits Ignition and Dynamic.

· Components such as the suspension, camshaft drive belts, ECUs, computers, and more are also covered.

Exclusive Plan

· This starts at £45 a month, offering unrivalled cover.

· Our exclusive plan covers nearly all mechanical and electrical components

· Confidence in your vehicle’s performance is bolstered by our exclusive plan 

Our warranty plans for Aston Martin vehicles are designed to keep sleepless nights over repair costs at bay. We all know cars can go wrong, so a safety net if it does can really take a load off. By choosing Warranty First, you know there’s a whole team on hand to process your claim quickly so that you can organise repairs and get your car ship shape in no time. 

How to purchase an extended warranty

It’s important to us that the way you purchase your Aston Martin's extended warranty remains flexible, so you can either get things set up online in just a few clicks, or give our friendly team a call. Whatever stage of purchasing an extended warranty you’re at, we’re here to take each step with you, ensuring you get the right plan for your car, your budget, and the way you approach your motoring. 

Why choose Warranty First?

Trusting Warranty First with the protection of your Aston Martin enables us to take care of unexpected failures, and you to enjoy the enchanting charm of your car. From a Vantage to a DBX, you can rest assured that your Aston Martin is in safe hands when you take out a Warranty First extended warranty policy, as we work with a network of UK garages, and offer protection for multiple claims, wear and tear, and consequential damage.

Our best quote is guaranteed

Our best quote is guaranteed

With a price promise that we stand by, you can be assured that we’ll match a like-for-like quote so that you get the best value and the best service.