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Alfa Romeo warranties

Alfa Romeo are a much-loved Italian car manufacturer with models that are popular throughout the UK. They’re a pretty big name on the racetrack too! It’s the domestic Alfa Romeos that we look after here at Warranty First, and we know that they’re loved for their looks, their handling, and their ability to retain their value. If you own an Alfa Romeo, no doubt that you’re no stranger to their charms - you’ll also know that they’re well worth protecting with an extended warranty too. 

What is an extended warranty?

All new cars come with a warranty from the manufacturer, which lasts for a set number of years or miles, whichever comes first. This covers you financially in the event of an unexpected fault, meaning that the manufacturer covers the cost. However, this expires eventually, leaving your wallet prone to the whims of an out-of-warranty car. This is where an extended warranty comes in, extending that protection so that you can breathe a sigh of relief if you get an unexpected repair bill. 

Our comprehensive extended warranty plans for Alfa Romeos

Breakdowns are never convenient, but they’re made all the worse when you know that you’re on your own. You can reduce the stress and frustration by taking out an extended warranty plan for your Alfa Romeo. Here is what a Warranty First plan can cover: 

Engine and drivetrain 

Elements like the engine, turbocharger, transmission and timing gears are the basics included in your cover, so you know that failures on these essentials are part of the plan. 

Multimedia components 

We know how important multimedia components are on your journeys, and how annoying it can be when there’s something wrong with them. That’s why our plans include a capped contribution to multimedia repair. 

Electrical systems 

Complex electrical systems have a habit of equally complex faults - and it’s never an ideal time for it to happen. Your Warranty First policy covers electrical systems when they suffer unexpected failure, so you’re not left out of pocket. 

The above isn’t an exhaustive list of everything covered on your Alfa Romeo; we do also cover other failures, such as those on the braking system, clutch, gearbox, steering, fuel system and more.

How much does our Alfa Romeo warranty cost?

The cover you go for depends on the age and mileage of your Alfa Romeo, and what your budget is for protecting it. These are our Warranty First coverage options: 

Ignition cover 

Offering great value for money, Ignition starts at just £30 per month, and includes the engine, clutch and gearbox.

Dynamic cover 

Also kicking off at £30 a month, Dynamic cover encompasses the parts of your Alfa Romeo included in Ignition cover, plus other essentials such as the braking system, steering, drivetrain and more.

Premier cover 

By far our most popular plan, Premier cover starts at £35 a month. It includes everything covered by Ignition and Dynamic plans, plus the suspension, ECUS, camshaft drive belts, and more.

Exclusive cover 

For ultimate, comprehensive coverage, Exclusive cover is here. It covers nearly all mechanical and electrical Alfa Romeo parts, and starts at £45 per month. Talk about peace of mind!

It’s our aim to offer our customers flexible and budget-friendly Alfa Romeo warranty coverage for vehicles of all ages, so that you can hit the road with confidence. If you’d like to take a look at our terms and conditions, request these from us and we’ll be happy to pass them on. 

How to purchase an extended warranty with Warranty First

In just a few clicks, or a simple call to our advisors, you can get your Alfa Romeo extended warranty policy set up in no time. Don’t forget, we’re on hand to answer any questions - we know our policies inside out. You can even start by getting a quote online, so that you know what kind of price you’re looking at. 

Why choose us?

Cars can be a drain on our time and our finances, but it doesn’t need to be that way; extended warranties offer a safety net that ensures you get back on the road ASAP with as little damage to your bank balance as possible. At Warranty First, we’re dedicated to making this process as stress free as possible through excellent customer service, and a range of policy options that fit in with your motoring perfectly.

Our best quote is guaranteed

Our best quote is guaranteed

With a price promise that we stand by, you can be assured that we’ll match a like-for-like quote so that you get the best value and the best service.