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When is the Ford Fiesta being discontinued?

  • When is the Ford Fiesta being discontinued?

Saying Goodbye to a Classic

Do you feel like you see a lot of Ford Fiestas on the roads? It’s no surprise if the answer to that is yes - it’s made itself quite comfortable on best-seller lists over the past few years! 

The Fiesta is a hatchback that’s kept up with motoring trends, and still serves motorists all over the country. It came as a surprise, therefore, when Ford announced that it plans to discontinue the Ford Fiesta, one of its most popular models - here’s what you need to know…   

The history of the Ford Fiesta 

First, to truly appreciate this vehicle’s heritage, let’s dive into the rich history of this modern classic. 

If you were motoring in the 70s, or you’re just a fan of Fords, you may be familiar with the Fiesta’s origins, which are the Mk1, the hugely popular hatchback that took the world by storm back in 1977. 

The Mk1 appealed to the everyday driver, suiting commuters and families alike (and those that needed their car to turn its wheels to both areas of life), and that’s an attraction of this car that hasn’t wavered. Fiesta means ‘party’ in Spanish, and it’s certainly given Ford cause to celebrate over the years - it’s been a consistent best-seller! 

In 1983, the Mk1 evolved into the Mk2, complete with better fuel efficiency, and a 1.6-litre diesel engine option - this in particular made it a popular choice for many years. In ‘89, the Mk3 was born, and with it a wider, longer body type, for ultimate versatility. 

The 90s saw the Fiesta go through a thorough redesign, technically the Mk4, with all the rounded shapes of the era, and some added airbags to keep up with the latest safety legislation. 

It took until 2012 for the Fiesta to resemble the car we know and love today, with a grille that upgraded its look and brought it into the new decade. This clearly made an impact, as in 2014 it was named the best-selling car of all time in the UK. 

In 2021, another new design was announced, packed full of brand-new safety features, and looking better than ever. It was not long after this that Ford made a pretty big announcement…

When is the Ford Fiesta being discontinued? 

In October 2022, Ford revealed that the Ford Fiesta would be discontinued in the summer of 2023. Thanks to its popularity over the years, there’ll still be plenty of used models on the market, but it’s safe to say that it’s the end of an era for this famous Ford. 

Why is the Ford Fiesta being discontinued? 

Ford is moving with the times as much as the next manufacturer, which means a big focus on electric motoring - after all, zero emissions are the goal for almost every car brand these days. The void that the Fiesta leaves behind will be filled by the likes of the Ford Puma Hybrid. 

Look after your Ford Fiesta 

As it’s now confirmed that we’ll be saying a fond farewell to this much-loved hatchback, it’s even more reason to make sure that the ones still around last as long as possible. If you’re the owner of a Ford Fiesta (or any other car, van or motorbike for that matter) that’s out of manufacturer warranty, keep it protected with a Warranty First policy.