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What warranty cover is best for me?

  • What warranty cover is best for me?

Here at Warranty First, we’re proud to offer leading warranty products that provide trusted protection for motorists across the UK. With a broad range of cover levels, we support drivers with fast, honest claims handling, and supply that all-important piece of mind if something unexpectedly goes wrong with your vehicle. No one likes nasty surprises! 

It’s a pleasure for us to offer worry-free motoring, and we often get asked the question ‘what warranty cover is best for me?’ Here we explain which one you should go for… 

For diesel or petrol car owners 

For cars powered by petrol and diesel, we offer four levels of cover; Ignition, Dynamic, Premier and Exclusive. Which one you go for will depend on how much you want to be covered.

For example, Dynamic covers the basics such as the engine, gearbox and cooling system, Premier steps it up by adding elements such as the air conditioning and suspension, and Exclusive extends to include so many parts that it’s actually easier to mention what it doesn’t include! Ignition is a level of protection that can cover cars of any age or mileage.

For electric car owners 

Those that get from A to B on battery power should turn their attention to the Premier and Exclusive cover options, as they include Hybrid and Electric vehicle cover as standard! 

In addition to the major parts covered by the Premier warranty plan - and almost all mechanical and electrical components covered by the Exclusive warranty plan - the Hybrid & Electric Cover includes extensive coverage of a vehicle’s braking system, electrics, engine/motors, transmission and drivetrain. 

For motorcyclists

It’s not just 4-wheeled vehicles that we cover - we also offer motorbike warranty too! Even nearly new motorbikes develop faults. Parts and labour are often eye-wateringly expensive; our elite cover protects you against unexpected costs.

For businesses on the road 

When you rely on your car or van to earn your living, it can be inconvenient at best when your commercial vehicle is off the road, and devastating at worst. Our commercial vehicle warranty plan can protect your van or taxi and ensure that faults are dealt with quickly and with minimal disruption to your work. We help keep your business on the road! 

For those with older cars with more mileage 

If you think your vehicle is too old or has too many miles under its belt to be eligible for warranty, think again; Warranty First’s Ignition Policy is here for you. It covers the clutch, engine and gearbox, allowing you to spend many more miles of motoring without worrying about major repair bills on those parts. 

Interested in putting your car’s warranty first? 

If you want to protect the pride and joy on your driveway and avoid the impact of unexpected repairs on your wallet, Warranty First can offer you peace of mind. If you want to chat through the warranty options available to you, feel free to give our friendly team a call on 01733 830278, or start by getting a quote on our website.