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What vehicles do we provide warranty for at Warranty First?

  • What vehicles do we provide warranty for at Warranty First?

Whilst owners of pre-loved vehicles can sometimes feel a little alone once their handover is complete, taking out a warranty policy can provide a safety net should anything unexpected go wrong with it. The peace of mind this equips drivers with is huge - this is where Warranty First comes in! 

Buying a used vehicle is the result of careful decision-making, and naturally, trust is put in this new purchase. Whilst we hope for trouble-free motoring, we know all too well that mechanical or electrical faults can occur on a car at any time. This is why we have created policies that cover a variety of eventualities on a range of vehicles; it’s not just cars that we cover! 

Here’s what used vehicle warranty we can offer… 

Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

Spanning your standard handy hatchback to SUVs and panel vans, this cover is why so many used vehicle dealers up and down the UK provide Warranty First policies to their customers. 

From our Ignition cover of engines, gearboxes and clutches right up to our Exclusive cover, which protects almost all mechanical and electrical components, our range of policies suits plenty of motorists across the country. 

Electric Cars & Hybrids 

With 2030’s ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles on the horizon, more of us are making the switch to battery-powered vehicles - and Warranty First can cover them within our Premier and Exclusive cover. This additional peace of mind extends to the hybrid and/or electric elements of the vehicle, and it’s something we expect to see much more uptake of in months and years to come. 


It’s not just four-wheeled motoring that we can provide warranty for; we’ll also cover those hitting the road on two! Our motorbike policy covers the cost of repairs to motorcycles, and is proving popular amongst motorbike dealers and their customers already. 

Any age, any mileage 

We believe in warranty protection regardless of age and mileage, which is why we developed our Ignition policy. With the essential components of the vehicle such as the engine, manual and automatic gearboxes and the clutch covered, we’re proud to offer cover that protects older vehicles or those with a few more miles on the clock. 

Why Choose Warranty First 

Warranty First policies aim to provide a similar level of cover that the vehicle would have received from the manufacturer when it was new. With different levels of cover available, an easy claims process, and a friendly team on hand to help, we’re the right choice for dealers and motorists alike.