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What should you look for in a commuter car?

  • What should you look for in a commuter car?

For those tedious short journeys to back breaking long commutes

So many of us rely on our cars to get us to work or school, and these daily journeys form our commutes. You may also find making these journeys on a regular basis eats up your fuel, wears out your car, and can be physically taxing on your body. Fear not, there are features you can prioritise in your next car to alleviate these problems. So, if you’re looking for your next commuter car, choose carefully! In this article, we’ll investigate what you should look for in your next commuter car… 

What should you look for in a car for short commutes?

1. Fuel efficiency

Short commutes can involve a lot of stop-start traffic, which, as well as increasing wear and tear, can mean that you burn through fuel more quickly too; bad news for the environment, and for your pocket. Cars with small engine sizes can perform well at low speeds, and these tend to be petrol engines, or those with battery-powered assistance, such as hybrids, or even fully electric vehicles.

2. A fun drive

If you’re not going to be travelling for that long, you want the short amount of time that you do spend in the car to be fun. If your car is an enjoyable drive, it can make all the difference to your commute. Cars with smaller engines tend to be smaller cars themselves, which gives them that nippy quality, so they’re ready for a Monday morning, even if you’re not!

3. Easy to manoeuvre

If you’re in and around town a lot as part of your commute, chances are that you’re encountering tight turns and parking spaces- you’ll need a car with dimensions that are conducive to these! Functions such as parking sensors and rear-view cameras can make light work of a reverse park too. 

What should you look for in a car for long commutes? 

1. Fuel efficiency

Long commutes can take their toll on your wallet, so you’ll be looking for one that won’t break the bank when it comes to fuel. Diesel cars have historically been the ones up to this task, and most modern ones still have generous MPG credentials, but it’s not hard to find petrol vehicles that can compete too.  

To save on fuel completely, you could consider an electric car, if you’re able to charge up at home and the office to avoid that pesky range anxiety.

2. A comfortable ride 

You’ll be conscious of every long mile if your car is uncomfortable, so it’s worth investing in a car that has an interior and seats that will support your back - heated seats for the chilly mornings are a big plus too! Look out for cars that boast low cabin noise too for peaceful travels, and a car with smooth gear changes will make all the difference to in-car comfort too. 

3. Driver convenience technology 

On long commutes, you’ll want to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues, so being able to communicate in a safe and convenient way in the form of hands-free phone calls is made possible by Bluetooth phone connections and voice control tech. Of course, having some tunes on the go can make many a journey go quicker, so Bluetooth audio is a must, as is in-built sat nav is also crucial for those unfamiliar roads. 

4. Power 

Cars with larger engines tend to find long commutes a breeze, particularly if a lot of it is done on the motorway. Small engines can lead to frustration when you’re trying to cruise, so opt for a larger engine, either petrol or diesel, so that you can get to those higher speeds more easily.

5. Safety technology 

Commuting over long distances, unfortunately, comes with an increased risk of an accident, but modern safety technology can work to reduce that risk. Therefore, if you’re a long-distance driver, investigate whether a car has safety features such as lane assist, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control on board before you buy. 

Protect your commuter car 

However long your journey is, you could do without the stress and hassle of unexpected repair costs, which is why you should consider a warranty for your car. We offer peace of mind with our policies here at Warranty First — get your quote today.