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What car repairs should you not do yourself?

  • What car repairs should you not do yourself?

Find out when to call the mechanic...

With car repairs costing a pretty penny, it can be tempting to tackle car repairs yourself. In some cases, you may well have the know-how to attempt fixing something minor on your car, such as replacing the windscreen wiper, or even replacing a tyre. 

However, with so many complex parts under the bonnet (and pretty much everywhere else in your car too), and with so many of them vital to the safety of everyone inside, the majority of car repairs are something that should only be done by a professional. 

Here’s a list of just some of the major car repairs that you should not do yourself… 


Even if you’re able to get hold of the right windscreen for your car, it needs to be fitted by someone who knows what they’re doing, and you’ll only find them at reputable windscreen repair and replacement centres. Cracks and chips on your windscreen can be frustrating, particularly if they mean that your car fails its MOT, but it’s nothing compared to the consequences of trying to repair or replace it yourself. 


Under no circumstances should anyone other than a trained vehicle technician working in a fully-equipped workshop be attempting repairs to your brakes. 

As you can imagine, missing something due to inexperience could be catastrophic, for you and for other motorists, road users or pedestrians. So, even if you think you know what you’re doing, leave it to the professionals when it comes to anything to do with the braking system on your car. The parts are complex, and qualified vehicle technicians will be able to fix any issues properly. 


As the years have progressed, so too has the complexity of a car’s manual or automatic gearbox, and to the untrained eye, they’re a minefield. Issues with your gearbox should be raised with your trusted repair centre so that they can resolve the problems properly. 


Modern cars are powerhouses — literally! With so many electrics on board, things can often go wrong, but even if you think you have electrical knowledge, this is best left to the professionals. Diagnostic equipment will be used by them in the first instance to make a diagnosis that regular car owners just wouldn’t be able to obtain themselves, not to mention the specialist tools used to rectify the issues. 


As a system that looks mechanical enough to tackle at home, we’re here to tell you that it’s simply not the case. Mistakes can compromise the entire suspension system, leading to a costly repair at best, and a danger to yourself and others at worst. Don’t take the risk; get peace of mind by heading to a vehicle technician at the first sign of suspension trouble. 

Take the stress out of repairs

By making sure unexpected failures are covered, you remove the temptation to save money by doing repairs yourself. This is where a warranty policy comes in, protecting you against surprise repair costs, and the associated stress and inconvenience — you’ll know there’s a safety net there for you. Find out more and get a quote today.