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Unusual driving laws around the world

  • Unusual driving laws around the world

As a motorist, you’re no doubt up to scratch with the do’s and don’ts when it comes to driving on UK roads, but are you up to speed with some of the more unusual laws?

From driving without a shirt on to not driving on a Monday, we take a look at some of the more unusual driving laws in the UK and around the world... 

Keep your arms inside

You can forget about resting your arm outside of the window when driving in Australia. Unless you are signalling to other motorists, it’s actually illegal to stick your arm or hand out of the window!

Don't drive on a Monday

Motorists in the Philippines are only allowed to drive on certain days of the week, depending on the number their registration plate ends in. The law was put in place as part of a scheme to reduce congestion and pollutants on the country’s roads. 

Hide your top half

Putting the tie in Thailand, men are required to cover up their top halves whilst driving. Being bare-chested on a hot day is illegal and motorists caught not obeying the law will be considerably fined. 

Dirty vehicles are a no-go

If you’re caught driving a dirty car in Russia, you may be breaking the law! Their Winter weather can cause havoc by creating excess dirt and grime to build up on roads, so vehicles are required to be kept clean for safety and visibility purposes.

Check for bodies

Yes, really! Motorists in Denmark are required by law to check the underneath of their car for bodies before getting into their vehicle. Apparently the rule was put in place to find children or animals who may be hiding under there.   

Ditch the flip flops

Don’t get caught out when you’re on holiday in Spain. Driving in flip flops is classed as dangerous, making it an offence. If you’re caught, you’ll be faced with an on-the-spot fine of 200 euros. 

You’re having a giraffe

When driving in South Africa, it’s the animals that have the last laugh. Well known for its wild animals, motorists in South Africa are definitely lower down the food chain. If an animal is on the road, drivers are legally obliged to wait until they move - no matter how long it takes. 

Don’t clean on a Sunday

Don’t even think about getting your car cleaned on a Sunday if you live in Switzerland. This unusual law relates to Sunday church services, putting in rules to not disturb the time that could be spent in church instead.

Swap the toilet for tyres

If the laws above weren’t weird enough, then we could be awarded one of the most unusual laws of all. When it comes to urinating in public, there’s one exception to the rule; you can wee outside as long as you’re by the rear wheel of your car and touching it with one hand. Why? We have no idea!