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Top tips For summer driving

  • Top tips For summer driving

Whilst winter is widely considered the most hazardous for driving, the hot months of summer aren’t without issue. We often complain about the British weather, but as temperatures neared 40 degrees in recent months, we definitely learned that when it’s hot, it’s hot! As such, it’s important to know what to take into consideration when it comes to hitting the road in the heat. Here are some of our tips for summer driving… 

Clean windscreen

Dust, dirt and, dare we say it, bugs can build up on our windscreens during the summer months and make for a bit of a mucky outlook. This becomes a particular problem when the sun is bright and low, so keeping your screen crystal clear will prevent you from missing something while you’re out and about. Keep washer fluid topped up, and ensure your wipers operate as they should. 

Stay on top of your regular checks 

You don’t want to be stopped at the side of the road on a blazing hot day, so making sure your oil, coolant and brake fluid are topped up is an essential part of not just summer car maintenance, but the healthy running of your vehicle all year round. As always, don’t ignore any warning lights, and make sure your tyres are safe and legal too. 

Air con service 

The last thing you want when the air is stuffy and the sun is shining through the windows is your car’s air conditioning to fail you. Air con services check the system for leaks and replace the refrigerant gas so that it’s cool and efficient when you need it. It’s worth the small investment! 

Stay hydrated (and awake) 

Keep that cup holder in use with a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated on the move. In doing so, you’ll prevent heat-related headaches, and keep yourself more awake - essential, particularly for longer journeys, 

Be prepared for punctures 

For tyres that are already compromised, the heat brings with it a higher risk of a tyre blowout, which is both dangerous and inconvenient. Keep an eye on the condition of your tyres, and make sure they’re kept at the correct pressure. With family holidays and day trips on the cards, consult your handbook to see if there are recommendations for pressure increases with a larger load. 

Stock up 

The better weather calls for more trips out, so make sure you’re ready for any eventuality. Keep phone chargers, first aid items, insurance documents and emergency snacks to hand to ensure you’re not caught short when you’re far from home! 

Heading away this summer? 

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