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Top fuel saving tips

  • Top fuel saving tips

Prompted by the recent fuel supply crisis, we’re pretty sure you’ll be asking yourself; ‘how can I save more fuel?’

You’ll be pleased to hear that you CAN make your tank of petrol or diesel go that bit further, simply by following our top fuel saving tips. 

Known as ‘hypermiling’ - a technique that maximises fuel efficiency - many motorists have resorted to finding ways of making their fuel last longer whilst they struggle to top up at the pumps. 

Don’t get left in the dark! Read on to find out how you can jump on the hypermiling bandwagon...

Our top fuel-saving tips: 

  1. Accelerate less by pulling away gently.
  2. Avoid short trips and combine journeys.
  3. Check your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.
  4. Don’t use your air-conditioning and keep windows closed.
  5. Drive at a consistent speed where possible.
  6. Lighten the load by removing unnecessary luggage.
  7. Maintain your vehicle with regular servicing.
  8. Remove roof boxes or roof bars to reduce drag.
  9. Turn off the ignition when queuing and in traffic.
  10. Use cruise control during motorway driving.

Other Ways to Save Fuel

Why not consider going electric? Since the fuel supply crisis has gripped the country, there has been a huge shift in people looking into EV options - maybe it’s time to join them!

Still not convinced? Then another good way to save fuel is by opting for a less premium performance fuel. Yes, really! Unless your vehicle specifically requires it, premium performance fuels don’t stretch as far and usually cost more per gallon. 

The main difference between a premium and standard fuel is the octane rating (petrol) or cetane rating (diesel). An octane or cetane rating will be higher in premium brand fuels. This means it will burn faster and more efficiently in your engine, which produces an overall better performance in the vehicle. 

During times of fuel crisis, however, it’s surely the range of miles per tank that takes precedence over your car’s performance.

Consider a warranty plan

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