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Top cars for dog owners

  • Top cars for dog owners

In 2021, the PDSA found that 26% of UK adults own a dog, with a population of around 9.6 million dogs - that’s a lot of pooches around Britain! For those long walks in the countryside and trips to the vet, a car is often the only thing for it, and transporting man’s best friend needs a vehicle that’s up for carrying that very important cargo. 

For a dog owner looking for a suitable car, there are a few boxes to tick. A large boot is a must, plus a low lip for easy loading. Lashing points are handy to fix dog crates in place, and an easily cleaned interior can keep the pesky pet hair at bay! 

Here are some of the best cars for dog owners…

Ford Focus Estate 

For a boot that comfortably accommodates your furry friend, the Focus Estate is a fantastic choice. With 608-litre boot space (1,653 litres with the rear seats down), it offers a generous area in which your dog can relax and enjoy the ride. There’s also an adjustable boot floor! 

Mercedes-Benz E Class Estate 

If your dog is accustomed to the finer things in life, the E Class can extend that luxury to their travel! The 640-litre boot space is not to be sniffed at, and the absence of a boot lip means easy loading even for smaller dogs. 

Dacia Duster

For dog owners on a budget, the Dacia Duster combines space with affordability and is, therefore, a model to consider if you regularly transport your pup. It features a serviceable interior, which is handy for muddy paws and the inevitable dog hair, plus a boot space of a not-too-shabby 445 litres is plenty. 

Land Rover Discovery Sport

These large vehicles are a natural choice for dog owners, affording four-legged friends lots of space with the rear two seats folded down. If your dogs are on the leggier side, the Discovery Sport comes into its own, with a large boot opening and flat boot floor for plenty of mid-journey stretches! 

Citroen Berlingo 

This versatile vehicle is a go-to for those with more than one dog, as the load space is very generous indeed. Leggy breeds suit this car too, with a high roof that doesn’t compromise the room they have to stand up in.