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The top 5 car infotainment systems

  • The top 5 car infotainment systems

Gone are the days when the only in-car entertainment available was a cassette player and patchy FM radio; not only do modern cars offer you a plethora of audio options, but they do a great deal more on top too! 

From helping you navigate to your destination, to using voice control to phone someone without even taking your eyes off the road, in-car infotainment makes the journeys of busy people not only pleasant but more straightforward.

Here are some of the best infotainment systems installed by manufacturers… 

BMW iDrive

Honed over the years and widely seen as one of the best car infotainment systems out there, BMW iDrive is a driver’s best friend. The clean, clear display contains phone functionality, climate control, audio preferences and driving settings, amongst many other features that are accessible through a touch screen or voice control. 

Ford Sync 3

From satellite navigation to music streaming, the Ford Sync system was developed back in 2007, when in-car infotainment was just getting started. Since then, it’s evolved into an interface with very clear, simple graphics, and operates much like a smartphone so that it feels natural to users. 

Mercedes-Benz MBUX

Like to put your own stamp on things? Mercedes-Benz takes the infotainment system one step further in terms of customization, with several different style settings to suit the users. It recognises touch, voice commands, and even gestures, adapting intelligently to the preferences of the driver as time goes on. 

Audi MMI 

Short for Multi Media Interface, the Audi MMI system controls audio, communications and navigation, and has dual screens, featuring one in the centre console and another behind the steering wheel. Both are touch screen, but they also allow navigation via a click wheel (which is very satisfying) or a laptop-style touchpad; you can operate it with your voice too. 

Mazda Connect

Mazda prides their Connect infotainment system on being customisable, allowing users to create lists of the destinations they travel to most frequently, the radio stations they love, and the people they contact most often so that they can access them in no time. A widescreen display and intuitive interface make it easy on the eye, as well as simple to navigate.