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Summer accessories for your car

  • Summer accessories for your car

Discover the must-have warm weather car accessories

As the school holidays loom closer, so does the opportunity to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine. Many of us will be relying on our cars to facilitate our day trips and staycations, and all families know that the key to a successful trip is being completely prepared; so what accessories could make summer in the car even easier? 


There can’t be many people who enjoy opening the door of a car that’s been standing in the sun all day — all that heat billowing out hardly makes you want to get in! 

Whilst it’s difficult to stop your car from getting warmer when it’s hot, you can turn down the intensity by investing in windscreen and window sunshades, which keep the direct sunlight out of your car, and make it a little more comfortable to get into. You can choose from custom sizes, or pick up universal shades relatively cheaply. 

Car bin 

More car use means more rubbish — particularly with the kids in tow! Sometimes a carrier bag just doesn’t cut it, and besides, that can make the car look as untidy as all the rubbish would. Car bin options include handy expanding versions that simply fold away when not in use, or more permanent, substantial bins, like mini versions of the ones you’d find in a kitchen. 

Most car bins are adapted for places like the back of the front seats, so they don’t take up precious footwell room. 

First aid kit 

We’d always recommend keeping a first aid kit in your car, as cuts, scrapes and insect bites can happen all year round, but in summer they become essential. With little ones running around and enjoying the outdoors, minor injuries are more likely, so ensure you’re prepared with a kit that includes bandages, eyewash, wound cleaning wipes, and any medication you may need, such as hay fever tablets. 

Many kits come specially designed for cars — just pop it in the boot and off you go! 

Car fridge 

If you fancy bringing a touch of luxury to your picnics this summer, how about your very own car fridge? As fancy as it may sound, a car fridge works in the same way that many car accessories do - simply plug it into the 12V socket and look forward to ice-cold drinks and BBQ meat that you’ve not had to cover in cold packs. 

Whilst a little more on the expensive side, a car fridge can make a summer day out so much easier — some even come with a Bluetooth app, so you can keep tabs on your food and drink while you’re on the move. 

Picnic blanket

You may have taken your picnic to the next level with a car fridge, but it won’t be anything without the basics — enter the picnic blanket! Sure, you could grab a throw from home, but chances are slightly damp ground could ruin it, and there’ll be less protection from the hard earth beneath. 

We’d suggest investing in a proper picnic blanket, that rolls away neatly when you’re done. These usually have a waterproof backing, meaning you can enjoy eating alfresco, even if it recently rained; we’re in the UK, so this is highly likely! 

A handheld fan

Air con is one of the greatest inventions for summer, but when you’re parked up and can’t keep the engine running, the hot weather can get to you. This is where a handheld fan comes in very handy, particularly if it’s rechargeable by USB — if your car has USB ports, charging while on the move is a breeze — literally! 

A decent handheld fan will set you back anything between £10-£30; when the air is hot and still, it’s worth every penny. 

A warranty policy 

In our opinion, the greatest accessory you can take with you in the car this summer is peace of mind. It’s never a good time to be broken down at the side of the road panicking about repair costs, but a hot summer’s day with a fun trip planned has got to be one of the worst. 

This is where Warranty First can save summer; our warranty policies provide a similar level of cover to what the manufacturer provided when the vehicle was new, so you can rest easy should anything unexpected go wrong.

You can find out more about our car, van and motorbike warranty policies on our website — getting your vehicle protected can keep your summer stress-free.