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Keep safe on your motorbike this winter

  • Keep safe on your motorbike this winter

We talk a lot about the maintenance and safety considerations involved in motoring in the winter, but today we want to turn our attention to motorbikes in particular; after all, we have a warranty policy to cover them too! 

Travelling on two wheels as opposed to four, motorcyclists can feel a little more exposed on the roads in winter conditions, so it’s important to know what steps to take to make sure you’re keeping as safe as you can. Here are a few suggestions… 

Keep on top of maintenance 

Just like a car, your motorbike will perform at its best when it’s well maintained - and it will ensure you’re kept as safe as possible. Check your tyres for damage, and to ensure there’s enough air in them (cold weather can decrease tyre pressure) and adequate tread depth, make sure your controls and lights are working, that fluids are topped up (especially the oil), and that the chassis is as it should be.  

Wear the right gear 

Ensuring that you’re dressed correctly is always an important part of responsible motorcycling, but winter is when it’s critical. Wearing gloves, layering up and adding the appropriate jacket over the top will keep you warm, as well as providing an extra layer of protection in the event of an accident. 

Bear in mind too that visibility for other road users is worse in the winter, so anything you can do to stay seen, such as reflectors and high-visibility clothing, is very much advised. 

Keep an eye on the weather 

Wet weather, icy conditions, and leaves on the road are all hazards to be mindful of while you’re motoring, and the risks they pose to motorcyclists are serious ones. Ensure that you check the weather before you’re due to travel, so ensure you take all the sensible precautions to mitigate these risks while you’re out and about. Consider wind chill too, as this may affect the layers you need to wear when you’re riding. 

Regular cleaning 

Road grit and dirt can affect the performance of your motorbike by corroding major parts, and making breakdowns more likely. Regularly cleaning your bike to remove this winter debris will help keep your bike running smoothly, so you can enjoy winter rides without incident, inconvenience or expense. 

Know the roads

Planning your route in advance is one part of this, but recognising risks on the road itself is also integral to a safe trip. For example, on icy mornings, keep an eye out for shadows on the tarmac, as this could indicate dangerous black ice. Scan the road ahead for hazards and adjust your speed accordingly, avoiding staring down at your front wheel. 

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