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How to get cheaper motorbike insurance

  • How to get cheaper motorbike insurance

Top tips for finding affordable motorcycle insurance coverage

For many, your motorbike will be your pride and joy, and just like with cars, motorbikes need to be insured too — it’s the law, and it’s common sense for an investment like a motorbike. There are some ways in which you can keep the cost of your premiums low — providing you’re still honest and upfront with the insurers. Here are a few ways to get cheaper motorbike insurance… 

1. Choose your bike carefully 

The more expensive your bike is, and the more modifications have been made to it, the more expensive your insurance will be; the extra cost translates to extra risk for your insurance provider. If you’re keen to keep costs low and you’re still in the shopping stage of your motorcycle journey, we’d recommend opting for a cheaper bike with entry-level specifications. 

2. Park up safely 

Where you leave your bike overnight has a big impact on your premium, so if possible, park it in a more secure area, such as on your driveway, in a garage, or in a locked parking compound that comes with your house or flat. 

Bending the truth when you take out motorbike insurance could see your entire policy invalidated, putting you and your finances at risk if something happens to your bike, as well as affecting the insurance you take out in the future. Therefore, if you have to leave your motorbike somewhere like a public road or in a car park overnight, don’t tell the insurance company otherwise - it’s not worth it! 

3. Improve security 

Regardless of where your motorbike is kept at night, taking steps to improve the security of your bike could also secure you a better deal on your motorbike insurance. Measures such as ground anchors, locks, alarms, chains and immobilisers can make a bike thief's life very difficult indeed, reducing the chance of being stolen, and therefore of the insurance company paying out. 

The reduction of risk means a reduction in your premiums, AND your bike stays more secure. It’s a win-win!  

4. Accurately calculate your mileage 

Overegging your mileage could see you wind up with higher premiums, so if you only use your bike when the weather is good and you’ve got a day off to spare, you can enjoy a lower price for your insurance as a result. With this logic, you might want to consider not using your bike as your daily transport. 

It’s important to note that underestimating your mileage could see you left high and dry in the event of damage or theft, which is why it’s important to be accurate and realistic in your annual calculation. 

5. Shop around 

As with most types of insurance policies, it sure pays to shop around. Comparison websites can do a lot of the hard work for you, and give you a good overview of the price range you’re looking at, as well as what extras come with the policy, such as courtesy cars and legal cover. 

However, it’s always worth getting quotes from insurers that choose not to appear on these comparison sites, in case a better deal can be found there. 

Did you know that we offer motorbike warranty? 

Whilst we don’t offer motorbike insurance, we can offer motorbike reassurance in the form of a comprehensive motorbike warranty policy. We protect you from unexpected repair costs and a whole lot of stress if something fails on your motorbike - and you can get a quote today! Simply head to our motorbike warranty page to find out more.