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How our dealer network benefits from partnering with Warranty First

  • How our dealer network benefits from partnering with Warranty First

Part of our mission here at Warranty First is assisting dealerships across the UK in offering fantastic vehicle protection to their customers, and in improving their incomes. We do this not only with our first-class cover levels, but also with our ongoing guidance, support and focus bespoke to each dealership. 

To put it simply, we’re hands-on in driving your success at all levels, delivering a win-win result for us both.

Why offer warranty? 

Your customers need to have confidence not only in you as a dealer, but in their new-to-them vehicle too. A warranty provides a safety net that they can put their trust in, because even nearly-new vehicles can go wrong. Unexpected costs are covered under good warranty policies, which is exactly what Warranty First provides.  

What we aim to do by partnering with your dealership 

Not only do we provide comprehensive cover levels for a range of vehicles, but these are also the ways in which Warranty First supports your dealership… 

Increase your revenue

We’ll measure your success on a monthly basis, helping you pinpoint improvements that could generate more revenue.

Lessen your liability

We own the interaction with your customers throughout the lifetime of their warranty policies; we take responsibility.

Enjoy more time

We're available when you need us; both you and your customers are responded to quickly, leaving you to do what you do best.

How does that sound? Here's how we do it all:

A dedicated Account Manager

At Warranty First, your Account Manager is on your team from day 1. They'll work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure both you and your customers benefit from having a warranty in place that meets everyone’s needs.

Tailored training

We want your business to thrive, which is why we offer tailored training to our Dealer Partners. This support is designed to help you embed warranty into your sales process, which can increase your dealership's income.

Point of Sale materials to be proud of

It’s important to stand out from the kerbside; we understand that. This is why we work with you to suggest the best POS for your dealership, so it’s easily capable of turning browsers into buyers.

A transfer of liability

Warranty First takes care of the policy and the associated customer service from its activation. Your customer is looked after, taking the weight of aftercare off your shoulders. 

What our happy dealers have to say… 

No one says it better than our dealers - here are some of the kind words they have for us… 

"Fantastic company to deal with, Stewart, my Account Manager, has been a great help with any queries regarding claims and general processes." - Ben Pearson, Maben Vehicle Sales

"Recent new dealer to sign up, Katrina has been ace and made life really easy. Have tried many other warranty companies in the past but the service you get from a friendly face really goes a long way." - James Matthews

"Coral is my dealer support rep, she's fantastic! Any time I have a problem  I need resolving, she is always on the other end of the phone, she always makes sure she goes out of her way to help us out! I'd recommend Warranty First to all small independent dealers." - Parwaz Safi

“Thank you very much for your assistance and for the amazing service you provide.” Top City Cars 

“Excellent service by Warranty First, always on hand to assist.” - Route 28 Car Sales 

Becoming a Warranty First Dealer Partner 

All our dealer partnerships start with a good chat about where you are, where you want to be, and how Warranty First can help you on your journey. 

We’re your warranty wing-people, armed with the knowledge and enthusiasm to get cracking alongside you. Give us a call today on 01733 830278, and join the dealers up and down the country enjoying the benefits of Warranty First.