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All change for the new September number plate

  • All change for the new September number plate

September signals a brand new number plate for cars registered in the UK as we welcome the brand new 71 series registration.

The new 71 number plates were released by the DVLA on 1st september 2021 and they will be in place on all vehicles registered up until 28th February 2022.

Incredibly, over one million 71 series number plates have been made available and it's already proving popular with new car customers.

New features for the 71 number plate

Although motorists may not particularly notice, there have been a few design tweaks made to the 71 series number plate.

A new standard of plate has been introduced which replaces the original BS145d version in place on 21 series plates and beyond. The new BS145e upgraded plates will be made of sturdier material so it is much more resilient to all kinds of wear and tear and weather conditions. 

Two-tone number plates will no longer be allowed so only solid black digits will be permitted on 71 series number plates onwards. This is so they can be easily identified by the police and ANPR cameras on UK roads.

Introducing EV number plates

Not to be outdone by its conventional cousin, EV number plates are also hitting the market in a big way.

You may well have noticed that electric vehicles are now being identified by their own unique number plate which features a green ‘flash’ on the left-hand side. 

The UK’s Department for Transport hopes the move will help raise awareness of electric vehicles on our roads. EV motorists will also be able to benefit from a handful of incentives, such as reduced parking charges and free entry into zero-emission zones.

September boom or bust

What’s been your dealership’s experience of the September plate change?

Research shows that many dealerships have slashed prices of their cars to make way for new models. It’s been reported that customers have been taking advantage of discounts of up to £6,000 in some areas - now that’s a big saving!

It comes as no surprise that motorists searching for petrol models were more likely to receive the best deals as the trend for electric vehicles continues to climb.