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6 summer accessories for your car

  • 6 summer accessories for your car

Grab your sunglasses, towels and whatever picnic food you can find - it’s nearly beach time! As many of us rely on our cars to make our day-trip dreams come true this summer, it’s wise to ensure it’s equipped with everything you need for a fun day out. 

Before you head to the park, the coast or the countryside, consider these summer accessories for your car…

First Aid Kit

Scraped knees, insect bites and other minor incidents can happen; being prepared prevents them from ruining the day. Ready-made car first aid kits can be purchased, with contents that include plasters, bandages, and even foil blankets, but it’s always worth adding in anything specific to you and your family’s needs. 

Car Window Sun Shades 

Getting into a hot and stuffy car is never a pleasant experience; window sun shades really help. Available in various sizes, they adhere to the inside of your windows and block out some of the sunlight, keeping the car as cool as possible. They’re also handy to keep the sun from shining directly onto passengers' faces while you’re on the move! 

Cool Box 

On a warm day, a cool drink is just what you need. A car cool box can keep your picnic fresh for a day out, and there are a couple of options available to keep it cold. Adding ice packs to a cool bag will work, but you can also buy a cool box that plugs into the 12V cigarette lighter. It’s like your very own onboard fridge; very cool indeed! 


Well, it is the UK after all! If you’re a seasoned day-tripper, you’ll know that the weather can turn at pretty much any time. Keeping an umbrella in your car means that you’re prepared for those summer downpours. 

Pet Seat Cover 

Good weather means ample walking opportunity for man’s best friend, but with dogs in the car comes increased mud and pet hair on the car seats. Investing in a car seat cover that you can take out and clean will protect your interior, keeping it good looking for longer. 

The best accessory your car could have - warranty! 

Don’t let car issues ruin your summer; taking out a warranty policy on your vehicle means you can travel with peace of mind during the warm weather. Three levels of cover mean that you can choose a plan that matches your vehicle as well as your budget. Find out more at