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5 ways to keep your car more secure

  • 5 ways to keep your car more secure

Simple steps to deter theft and protect your vehicle

As expensive possessions that we rely on every day, the thought of our car getting broken into or stolen is pretty devastating. It’s something that, unfortunately, becomes a reality for people all over the UK on a daily basis. 

Whilst we can’t do much about the existence of car thieves, we can reduce the likelihood of thieves getting access to our cars to steal the contents or worse, drive them away completely. 

1. Don’t leave valuables in the car

We’ve all seen the posters, but it really can make a difference in an area where opportunists may be operating. Leave nothing in your car that might be too tempting to a thief, such as gadgets and bags, or at least hide them from sight if you have no other choice. 

2. Invest in car security devices

There are some ways in which you can up your car’s security wherever it’s parked - and you’ll be very glad of them if your car is targeted. 

The first is a steering wheel lock, which immobilises the steering wheel until the keyholder (that’s you) unlocks it. If a thief does get into your car, they can’t get it very far even if they’re able to start it, and the sight of the lock alone could be enough to put them off. 

If your car does get driven away by a criminal, window etching could help you get it back. By getting a unique identification number and the logo for the International Security Register engraved on your car’s windows by a professional, anyone it’s sold onto can sniff out the fact it’s been stolen.  

3. Invest in home security devices 

If your car is parked on your driveway overnight, we strongly recommend keeping an eye on it - 24/7! This can be made possible with a home CCTV system, which will record anyone approaching your vehicle and attempting to gain entry. A motion sensor lamp outside your house keeps your car in the spotlight too!

A cost-effective way of getting a camera is by setting up a doorbell camera, providing it covers the area your car is parked in. Just the sight of a camera alone is enough to make many would-be car thieves think twice. 

Most vehicles are now locked and unlocked using a remote key, but criminals can utilise the signals from this fob to clone them and then gain access to your car. This can be done without even touching your key, even if it’s in your house. Signal-blocking pouches are relatively inexpensive and could foil a car thief's plans entirely. 

4. Park to deter thieves 

By altering the way you park your car, you can make a car thief’s life difficult, and it could even make or break their success in gaining access to your car and driving it away. For example, parking under street lighting or near CCTV, if you’re in a public place, can reduce the chances of your car being targeted by thieves. 

If a thief manages to gain entry to your car and get it started, turning your wheels towards the kerb when you park can prevent a quick getaway too. It may not prevent them from driving off completely, but manoeuvring could buy you vital seconds for you to get a description of the offender. 

5. Make sure it’s locked

It may sound obvious, but it doesn’t take much to distract you from locking your car when you get home, particularly if you have kids in tow - there’s so much going on! Make it a habit to double-check that you’ve locked your car, as believe it or not, some thieves will simply try car door handles until they get one that has been unwittingly left unlocked.