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10 Christmas gifts for car fans

  • 10 Christmas gifts for car fans

It’s not long to go until the big day and we’re pretty sure some of you will still have a Christmas shopping list as long as your arm!

If you’re looking to buy a present for the car lover in your life, then we’ve put together our top 10 car-themed gift ideas to give you a helping hand...

Car Bin

We all have that messy friend or family member whose car is filled with more crisp packets than the local petrol station, but you can change all of that! Introducing the portable car bin that comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on where in the car it’s placed. Halfords stock a waterproof fabric version for just £9 and Amazon stock a huge variety of car bin options at different prices too. 

Car Cleaning Kit

If the car is their pride and joy and they prefer to lovingly hand wash it at the weekend rather than running it through the local car wash, then you can’t go far wrong with a car cleaning kit. Autoglym produces car cleaning kits for the exterior and interior of a car, which start at around £19. CarPlan makes the Demon valeting gift sets which can be found in a variety of stores across the UK and also start at around £19. 

Car Key Finder

Losing car keys is a thing of the past thanks to handy little car key finder devices like Tile Mate. In fact, it can find just about anything you may easily lose sight of through clever phone tracking. Tile Mate is fast becoming the most popular brand of key finders, but many other alternatives are available and cost around £20 on average.

Car-themed Clothing

What car fan doesn’t love a themed t-shirt or hoodie! Of course most big brands produce their own array of merch, such as BMW’s clothing range, or for F1 fans, McLaren’s sought-after selection of tops and caps. Check out the variety of car-themed clothing by Shirtbox, including their speedometer t-shirts and dash icons hoodie - prices start from just £9.99.  

Dash Cam

More and more people are fitting their cars with dash cams in a bid to safeguard themselves against bad drivers should an accident happen. Insurers now widely recognise dash cam footage as part of an insurance claim, so this could be a great choice of present if the person you’re buying for doesn’t already have one. Prices generally start from £24.99.

Driving Experiences

What car lover wouldn’t want to sit behind the wheel of a supercar on a race track! For the person who already has everything, then why not treat them to the ultimate car driving experience. From supercars to muscle cars, there really is something for everyone!  

Lego Sets

Not just for the kids, Lego sets are becoming ever popular for big kids too as us adults look to relive their childhood and remember the ‘good old days’. There’s a huge choice of car-themed lego sets to collect and build, available in various levels of assembly difficulty. From race cars to vintage cars, prices start from just £17.99. 

Model kits

If you’re looking for a more grown up approach to making a car, then a car model kit could be the answer. You can quite literally find any make or model of vehicle in different build abilities, so it can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Prices vary depending on the brand, model and amount of component parts.  

Personalised Items

You can’t go far wrong with a personalised car-related item and they make great stocking fillers too. Online retailers such as Etsy and Not On The High Street offer a whole host of fun and quirky personalised gifts such as car key rings, air fresheners and even 4D number plates!


Little ones love the thrill of a ride-on vehicle and over the years they’ve become even more lifelike, incorporating sounds and engine noises too. Depending on your budget, you can spend as little as £36.99 for a Range Rover ride-on car by Toy-Star, or for those looking to spend more, RiiRoo makes a Bentley that kids can sit in and is powered by batteries for £179.99.