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5 Reasons Why Car Warranties Make Such Good Sense

When you buy a new or used car from a reputable dealer it will come with a warranty of some sort, depending on its age and mileage. Everyone knows what a warranty is, but how many think of them as what they really are? A warranty is a protection policy, and they make more sense if we think of them that way. Like any protection policy, a warranty has a cost associated with it, but we're extremely pleased we did take it out when we have to make a claim. Here are five reasons why car warranties make such good sense.

1. Peace of mind

Buying a car and keeping up with routine maintenance is enough expense for most of us, without having to worry if a big repair bill is waiting for us around the corner. As long as you have a warranty covering your car you can rest assured you're not going to get landed with a hefty bill if something needs repairing or replacing, as long as it's not a wear and tear item such as a tyre or exhaust.

2. High mileage

If you do particularly high mileage in your car, even the original manufacturer warranty on a new car can run out pretty fast, which could leave you exposed to potentially expensive repair bills. Most new cars come with a three-year warranty, but it's also going to have a mileage limitation which could cut the period down significantly. If your warranty covers you for 3 years or 60,000 miles and you do an average of 30,000 miles per year, the warranty will expire after two years not three. So, an extended warranty can keep high-mileage drivers worry-free for longer.

3. Keep your car longer and save money

As the amount your vehicle depreciates in value gets less over time, it can make a lot of financial sense to keep it for longer than the period covered by the original manufacturer warranty. However, even though the depreciation slows down, the older it becomes the more likely it is to go wrong from time to time. A warranty is a fixed cost so you know how much keeping your car on the road is going to cost without any nasty shocks.

4. Afford your dream car

You might not be able to afford your dream car brand new, but heavy depreciation with many expensive cars means you might be able to afford one a few years old. However, vehicles that were expensive when they were new will still be expensive to repair even when they're older and cheaper to buy. A warranty helps you budget so you know you're going to be able to keep your dream alive if something goes wrong with it.

5. Protect your resale value

Having your car covered by a warranty will lessen the temptation to put off non-critical repairs that may lead to bigger problems down the line if left unrepaired. Keeping your car in excellent working order will pay dividends when it comes time to sell it or trade it in. Even if you decide to change your car before the extended warranty expires, most are transferable for a small admin fee if you're selling the car to another private buyer.

5 September 2016

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