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Warranty First has always lived up to its name by being one step ahead of the warranty industry, and finding new and affordable car warranty solutions.

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Consequential Damage

When a non-warranted part (not listed in your cover plan), causes damage to a warranted part, Warranty First will still consider the claim for the warranted part. Unlike other warranty firms this is usually excluded and means YOU end up footing the bill.


The amount stated in your cover plan is the amount Warranty First will pay towards recovery, car hire, hotel and transportation, as part of a valid claim.

Labour Rate

Labour rate is the amount Warranty First will pay towards every hour of labour required to fix your car. This can be up to £150 per hour and is selected by you at the time of activating your policy. The labour rate is confirmed in your policy documents.

Mechanical / Electrical Failure

When a mechanical or electrical part suddenly fails and requires immediate repair Warranty First will be there to assist you in every step of the way.


When a part is failing and this is ignored, causing further damage to the vehicle. Many parts which are starting to fail or breakdown will show signs of squeaks, rattles, groans or various different types of noises.

Policy Inception

The start date of your policy.


If you sell your vehicle and your policy has not yet expired, the vehicle can still be covered by the policy and the ownership of the policy can be transferred to the new owner of the vehicle. This is subject to a £49 admin fee. Please note this option is not available when selling or part exchanging your vehicle to a motor dealer or any individual or business involved within the motor trade.

VAT Registered Garage

You can decide which repairing garage carries out the repairs on your vehicle; however they must be VAT registered. If you are unsure whether they are VAT registered, simply ask them and they will let you know.

Wear & Tear

Wear and tear is the gradual deterioration of a mechanical or electrical part, due to the vehicles age and/or mileage. Lets face it most warranty firms use this as an excuse to wriggle out of valid claims leaving YOU paying the bill, so the question is why have a warranty in place then? Warranty First have designed a cover plan to take care of such issues like wear and tear. Depending on the level of cover you have selected at the time of purchase, you will find that our breakdown cover plans will list selected items which qualify for wear and tear. In other words if the broken down part is simply worn out and is an item listed under the wear and tear section of your cover plan with the vehicle mileage recorded under 110,000 miles and/or the age of your vehicle is under 10 years at the time of the claim then we will simply pay out.

Driving Limitations

Some warranty firms may impose strict mileage restrictions and place a cap on the maximum mileage you can drive per annum to keep you on cover. Here at Warranty First there is no such thing as mileage limitations. After all it is your vehicle and you can drive it how ever much you like. All that we ask for is that you must keep your vehicle maintained in line with the manufacturers service schedule and keep it roadworthy.

Unlimited Number of Claims

You can claim as many times as you wish providing there is a genuine mechanical/electrical breakdown made to your vehicle. After review providing every claim becomes valid, Warranty First will honour to pay on a unlimited claims basis up to the value of your vehicle (subject to Glasses Guide). Remember each claim will be capped up to the maximum claims limit selected by you at the time of purchase.


Each successful claim will incur a small excess charge. Most people find this as second nature when claiming for items, similar to house hold insurance or even road risk insurance. Warranty First will deduct a maximum of 10% off a valid claim, so if the total claim was £500 then we pay £450 and you ONLY pay £50.







Gear box/Torque Converter


Brake Servo


Turbo Regulator Motor

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Some of the jargon explained

We understand that some of the words and phrases used by warranty companies can cause confusion, so to make your experience with Warranty First as straightforward as possible; we have simplified the following, however if you are left feeling perplexed by anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us;


                             in under 5 minutes

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