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Are you a young driver looking for your first car?

Exciting times if you have just passed your test, it's now time to start looking for your first ever car, the range and options can be bewildering.

What you probably want is to combine supercar glamour and performance, space and practicality, with a city car insurance price. Unfortunately it won't take you long to realise this option doesn't exist.

Don't panic, as a new licence holder you may be limited to some of the less exciting choices, that isn't to say you won't get a car that is easy to drive and fun to own.

For most first car buyers, the priorities are cars that cost as little as possible to run - whether that be purchase price, servicing and repairs, fuel economy and insurance. Frankly, even if the other costs are manageable across a wider range of cars, the crippling price of insurance will put most new drivers off anything but the smallest-engine cars.

So cars with the lowest insurance group ratings are a great place to start your search, with the added advantage that they're are often cheap to buy and economical as well, thanks to their small-capacity engines and light weight.

For parents buying a first car for their children, having something very safe is likely to be a top priority. Have a look at the Euro NCAP crash test results of the car you're interested in to see how it compares to its rivals - and check that stability control is included, as it's sometimes optional on cheaper cars. Bear in mind that all modern cars have a high standard of safety, though.

Boot space isn't likely to be needed too often, so a small three-door is going to be a solid choice most of the time. These little cars are fun to drive and look good too, so there's bound to be one you like.

Diesels may have attractive mpg figures, but be aware that they can be unreliable if they aren't driven long distances regularly: for trips around town and to the shops, petrol is the better option. The latest petrol's have great running costs and some are even free to tax.

Tight turning circles, responsive steering and good visibility make them easy to drive, which is useful when you've not got much experience with driving. You could also stick with the car you learned in, as it'll be easy to get used to.

Whatever you go for as your first car, most young drivers will demand a decent stereo, and some way to connect their phone. Other convenient features are handy - and of course, there are plenty who wouldn't be seen dead in a car that isn't stylish.

By now you will have overcome the expense of learning to drive and making progress with buying your first car. As you will know keeping running costs and general bills down is not always easy, you hopefully will have trouble free motoring for some time to come, however the unexpected does happen and repair bills are never wanted.

For as little as £0.35p per day you could protect your car from mechanical and electrical failure and be back on the road with the minimum of fuss and delay.

Enter your registration number and answer a few basic questions and get a quote today.

29 July 2016

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