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Exploring Different Types of Fuel available to us

The Different types of Fuel available in 2016

With this in mind, what are the green and eco-friendly fuels available in 2016? Consider the following: -

LPG Autogas

One of the more recently developed fuel options; this is an alternative to petrol. The term itself stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, and traditional petrol engines must be converted to run in LPG through the installation of an additional and separate fuel tank. This is like fitting a gas cylinder in your engine, and while this transformation requires an initial investment LPG is far cheaper than petrol. It does give poorer fuel consumption, however, making it less than ideal for prolific drivers.


Bioethanol is an ethanol-based fuel that is made from plant crops rather than oil. It works in exactly the same way as petrol (its direct alternative), and can either be used independently or blended to create a hybrid fuel. Since 2008, a government policy called Renewable.

Transport Fuel Obligation has required fuel suppliers to include a certain percentage of biofuels in their product range, with this number currently fixed at 5% and expected to rise further in the next decade. Gradually, this has begun to revolutionize the fuel market, and as technology improves the quality and efficiency of these products will increase exponentially.


On a similar note, biofuel is a sustainable alternative to diesel that is also manufactured using plant crops. Although it is now widely used to fuel British vehicles and cars all around the world, there has been a recent trend through which motorists have begun to use a higher percentage of biofuel in their models. This fuel is the most common substitute for traditional, oil-based diesel, with the majority of British car-owners using it as part of a blended resource. Biofuel is also one of the most accessible and cost-effective fuel types available, while it does not cost a huge amount to convert your existence engine so that it runs on this.

12 March 2016

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